Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys.....

We bought Aaron a new trailer on Saturday and I think the boys are just as excited as Aaron.

Saturday, Aaron had to go into work (railroad) and our plan was when he got home around noon we would go buy the trailer. Jackson was well aware of this plan. That morning I decided to make a Starbucks run. Jackson loves to have the window down when we drive through Starbucks. The lady at the window said the standard greeting - "How are you doing today?" and Jackson decided to loudly chime in from the backseat - "We going to buy Daddy a tray-er today." He was pretty excited about Daddy getting a new trailer....

My car desperately needed to be washed, so Sunday morning we let the boys put on their bathing suits and have some fun outside. Their favorite part of the morning....Daddy's trailer.

Hard at work!

A little later in the morning, I decided it would be easier for me to just run my car up to the car wash and use that vacuum instead of ours. Garrett was down for his morning nap, so it was just Aaron and Jackson. I was gone maybe 10-15 minutes. When I pulled back into our driveway, this is what I saw....

Jackson HOLDING WORMS. Are you kidding me!? I leave him home with Aaron for 10-15 minutes and Aaron turned my sweet little boy into a dirty worm holding boy. Thankfully Garrett was asleep!

Kristin, the picture below is for you! I always lick my lips when I concentrate. Kristin has made fun of me for doing this since we were in 4th grade, if not before. Bless Jackson's heart, he does the same thing!!

Last week, Randy and Dianne came over for dinner. Randy mentioned something about the boys having a drum set one day...he was joking. I really don't remember the conversation because we didn't think much about it. However, Jackson must have been paying attention to the conversation.

The next day Jackson took a long afternoon nap and had trouble falling asleep that night. He kept getting out of bed and telling us he "can't" go to bed. Finally Aaron said something like "If you go in your room, close your eyes, and count doggies (yes....dogs!), then you can have a special treat tomorrow." Jackson then whispered to Aaron, "G-Mom and Grandad going to buy me that drum?!"

So, when Dianne came over to watch the boys Friday night while we went to dinner for our anniversary, she brought Jackson a new drum. THANKFULLY it is a "not too loud drum." It's not QUIET, it's just not too loud! :) Saturday morning I actually woke up to the sound of the drum next to my head.

Sunday morning, Aaron decided to start a marching band. Aaron's instrument is obviously homemade and be sure to notice Aaron's belt he put around Jackson to hold his drum up. Sometimes I think Aaron has more fun than the kids! :)