Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They're All Different.

Early in my pregnancy with Garrett I had "a tiny little visitor" to put it politely for any male readers. I called my doctor in fear that I was having a miscarriage. After having one child, I felt like a pro. I knew the whole routine and spotting wasn't in the routine I knew.

As Aaron and I were waiting to hear back from my doctor, we were getting ready to head to the hospital....I was sure that's what she would instruct me to do.
However, without concern, my doctor informed me that all pregnancies are different and there was most likely nothing going on. At that point in my pregnancy, if my body was trying to have a miscarriage, there wasn't anything that could be done. Rest was the only medication, therefore she told me to take it easy for the weekend and stay in bed.

As we now know, she was right. She was absolutely right. My pregnancy with Garrett was different. Not just that incident, but many others weird things along the way. This should had been my sign. Different pregnancy....different child....no 2 pregnancies are alike....no 2 children are a like....

When Jackson was around six months, I bought this Zutano (my favorite brand for little ones) diaper cover.

I thought it was adorable, but he never wore it. When Jackson just had on a diaper, it was due to the fact he got lunch or dinner all over his outfit. At those moments it never occurred to me that now would be the perfect time to put on that cute diaper cover. It just wasn't practical.

Fast forward to child number two.....he NEEDS a diaper cover. However, I don't care what the diaper cover looks like. It can be hot pink for all I care. What I care about is that it will prevent this:

Although Garrett often ends up in just a diaper after dinner, the past few nights we have discovered Garrett walking from one room to another in the nude. He has learned to pull his diaper off and put on a big smile as he walks into the next room to show us what he accomplished.

I didn't get any use out of that adorable diaper cover when I bought it for Jackson, however Garrett is going to get lots of use out of it. In fact, I think I need to go pick up a few more.

Time after time, Garrett is showing me that no two children are alike.


Marla said...

AMEN! ...to the statement that "all pregnancies are different!"

That's funny about Garrett taking his diaper off. We have been lucky up until the past few weeks...and now Parker is very "helpful" in taking her diaper off as well! I try to keep shorts on her...but she's really quick to say, "No!"

Also- (hey- I'm writing you a novel in your comments..ha!) your new blog design looks great! You're so good and creative to figure out how to do all of that stuff! I had to pay someone to do mine! ha!

Kristin said...

That is funny!!

I like your new background too, I liked the other one as well!! You do such a great job, and I know it does take so much of your time to do those :).