Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Oh....That Phase?"

14 months. The time when my laid back easy going child is becoming a little demanding.

He used to be so easy. Now...ummm....not so much. He used to be perfectly happy during dinner. He would eat whatever we gave him. Now, he just whines and literally throws food at Rigley.

"Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama" is what I hear all day long. I would be PERFECTLY 100% okay with that if "Mama" was truly what he wanted....and sometimes it is that simple and he does just want me. However, he often just says "Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama" instead of saying "Screw You! This Sucks! I'm Bored! Let me do what I want to do!"

Tonight he was upset with me when it was time to come inside, so he was crying and doing the whole "Mama Mama" routine near by me. When I would put my arms out for him and he knew I wanted to comfort him, he would run away and throw himself at the nearest wall or on the floor. Then he would get up and do the whole cycle again. I think he just wanted to know that I was offering to hold him, but he wanted me to know he was mad at me as well. It really comes to a point where you just have to laugh. Jackson was even laughing at this point.

If Garrett were my first child, now would be the time when I would panic that he is going to be a cry baby for the rest of his life. However, it was at this age with Jackson that he wore Aaron and I out. I remember feeling like it was because I was 7 months pregnant, working, tired, and my parenting skills must be lacking. I remember thinking "if I can just get to March, I can be home with him full time and he will know he is my first priority. (other than a newborn)"

Jackson out grew that phase and Garrett will as well. I actually remember reading one of Marla's blog post: And so...the parenting begins... (about 8 months ago) and feeling her pain because I had just finished (finished? I don't know if that is the best word since it is never "finished.") that stage with Jackson, but knew my time was coming with Garrett.'s now that time!

I really do believe kids all (somewhat) go through the same stages. However, knowing now (with Garrett) what I didn't know then (with Jackson), helps me literally laugh at the situations.

A few months ago was the first time Garrett tried to wiggle/cry/hit his way out of his car seat as I buckled him in. I quickly remembered how quickly I forgot about Jackson doing that. With Jackson I stressed...."Oh no!....How will I do this when he is older?!", but the phase ended and I forgot about it. So, when Garrett had his first car seat battle, I just thought "OH!! We're in that stage now are we?!" as I was winning the battle I was more prepared.

So.....we are going through a little "I'm frustrated and can't communicate" phase with Garrett right now. Simply a phase. A phase that will pass.

However, with all this being said......he is still calm, laid back, sweet little Garrett when he is satisfied and rested. The child LOVES to sleep, so when his sleep is messed up - he tends to be grumpy.

LUCKILY, (crossing my fingers) Jackson has been PERFECT lately. I know I have heard "3 is the new 2" for terrible twos....but maybe "2 is still 2" and we are wrapping the terrible 2s up with Jackson as we are preparing for Garrett's......


Marla said...

Hey....ummm...any word on when this stage is gonna end??? Haha!

Parker has been visiting time out at least once a day lately! I guess they do all have their moments!