Tuesday, June 23, 2009

15 Month Check Up.

How does Garrett measure up at 15 months?

Weight: 24.02lb (50th percentile)

Height: 32" (75th percentile)

Head Circumference: 48.6cm (88th percentile)

Let me take a moment to point something out for those of you that still say Garrett is a big baby. See where I put 50th percentile next to his weight??? That means he is right in the middle....out of all 15 month old babies, half are bigger than Garrett and half are smaller.

I just find that interesting since I still hear what a big baby he is. THEN, if you consider that height adds weight and Garrett is in the 75th percentile for height...he is really thinner than some of the babies that actually weigh less than him? Do you follow me??

And now, because I like to do this.... Comparing Garrett @ 15 months to Jackson @ 15 months

Weight: Jackson: 25.4lb., Garrett: 24.02lb. = Jackson weighed 1.38 more

Height: Jackson: 32.5", Garrett: 32" = Jackson was .5" taller

Head: Jackson: 48.5cm, Garrett: 48.6cm = Garrett's head is .1cm bigger

At this point, Jackson weighed more, but he was also a little taller. They are still pretty darn close in size. Thanks to their PawPaw (my dad) and Grandpa Jordan (Aaron's dad, Melvin), they both have big heads!

As for his check up, everything looked great! Garrett is a healthy, happy 15 month old!

Our next appointment is in September and it will be a "double." Jackson for his 3 year and Garrett for his 18 month. I remember our first "double".... Jackson was 18 months and Garrett was a newborn. Time sure does fly.


Kristin said...

Those pictures of Garrett are too freaking cute!!

I don't think Garrett is a big baby! I get what you are saying! I am anxious to see how tall Payton is next Tuesday at her 2 month. I feel like she is so long!!

Kristy said...

Garrett's eyes are so pretty in these pictures. He is getting so big! And he is pretty darn cute too!

Aunt Kelly said...

Too cute! I too once was a victim of the second child big head syndrome! :) It all works out eventually!
And just a hint - the next big office visit - if they both have to get shots - make the appointments on different days. I took Nick and Nate one time on the same day and they both got shots - needless to say - we were there for almost 3 hours in between the tears and fear!
Love you guys!

Mom/Bam Bam said...

With those beautiful blue eyes of Garrett's, and the beautiful brown eyes Jackson has, you are going to chasing all the girls away!

I love your new blog design, by the way. It looks great!