Friday, June 19, 2009

"Hi. We're the Lobsters."

"Doctor, must we strip him down to his diaper? I really think he can have his check up wearing this hat? Look how adorable it is...."

Tuesday.....Tuesday.....Tuesday. That is when Garrett is going in for his 15 month check up. I am normally confident, without many worries at his check ups, but this appointment I am hoping, wishing, and praying about.....

He is sunburned. I'm such an awful mom!! We have been in the sun a lot this year. I always lather both boys up with sun screen. I put a hat on Garrett, but it normally lasts about 2 to 5 minutes and he throws the hat in the water. However, because I THINK I know how to out smart my young child, I apply sun screen to his scalp. His hair is thin, so his scalp is an easy target for the sun. Sunscreen applied to scalp.....normally a success.

I, an irresponsible 27 year old, hardly ever wear sunscreen. I should, but once I have one good burn, I start to tan. (see....irresponsible and now I will add the word stupid 27 year old) Tan fat looks so much leaner than white fat, don't ya think?!

I have my things that "work." No sunscreen for me, lather boys up including Garrett's head, and we outsmart Mr. Sun!

Well, as it turns out, this past Tuesday, Mr. Sun outsmarted us.
My thighs are BRIGHT red (Thank you Tracy for the Aloe Vera plant! It helped a lot!) and Garrett's head is a little on the pink side. His really isn't THAT bad, but I am sure any comment from the doctor like "Have y'all been swimming this year?" is going to stress me out. I will assume she thinks I am a horrible mother, I will start sweating, I will turn red which will only add to the redness in our family. Oh, geez!!

It's only Friday. We have a few days to regain our paleness. Maybe I could put make up on him....... kidding.

From now until his appointment, if you see Garrett outdoors, don't be surprised if he is covered with clothing from head to toe and the only part of his body you can see are his eyes.


Kristin said...

Haha that made me laugh... your face will turn red if the doctor mentions it.. LOL I can see it now....

I am sure it will all be better by Tuesday.. AND you are a wonderful mother!! As hot is it is it was out of your control, and you did put sunscreen on him!!

The Thomas Times said...

You crack me up!!!
Corlee had 2 little places under her eyes where I apparently didn"t get sunscreen and on the top of her thighs that were pretty pink! And I am a 33 year old mom of 3! It happens cut yourself some slack!

Melanie said...

Ha! Ha! I love reading your blog! It's quite humorous. Grayson is the same way because he is blonde haired, blue-eyed and light complected and he throws his hat in the water, too. Thank you for posting that 20% off Great Wolf code. We were already planning on going last week and I saw your code 2 night before. It saved a bunch and we had fun!!

Emilie Mason said...

You're fine!! He'll be okay and the doctor will not judge you!! You guys were out during the hottest part of the day. It will all be okay.

Mom/Bam Bam said...

Oh y'all are fine. When I saw the boys yesterday they didn't look sunburned to me. Now your legs on the other hand - Ouch! That's a bad burn. Take care, it'll take a little time to get over that burn.