Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our (lovely) Front Porch.

Dear God,
Once again, you created the miracle of life, now please give the 3 little baby birds the strength to fly so we can knock down their nest and be free of bird poop.


Emilie Mason said...

We had the same problem, it's amazing that they can stick those nests anywhere!! Luckily, the eggs hadn't hatched yet, so Jeff moved the nest to a nearby tree. The poop was a little much for me and the birds trying to attac us when we went outside! :)

Mom/BamBam said...

Great picture. You're funny!

Karen Cupcake said...

Remember my cool porch where people loved to have their pictures taken! that happened to us too! but unfortunatly... the wind kept blowing the wisteria and the nest would fall and we'd end up with worse than poop! silly birds!!! This year they made the biggest nest ever in our carport! Its like the extended family nest or something !!!