Saturday, June 13, 2009

2nd Child: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Garrett has a new fascination with Jackson's potty chair. He sits on it, smiles and says "Pee Peeeeeee, Pee Peeeeeee."

No, No, No....all you older generations and Super Moms that magically had your children trained at 12 months, don't get any ideas. I am NOT going to take this as a sign that Garrett is ready to be potty trained. He's not.

(Although I do like thinking that this time next summer we will possibly be DONE with diapers in the Jordan household. By that time, it will be almost FOUR straight years of diapers at our of those years, they were both in diapers.)

I am seeing how much faster and easier it is for the 2nd child to learn things when they are this close in age. There are so many things that are easy for Garrett because he has been watching Jackson do them for some time. This gives me hope that it will be easier when it is time to train Garrett.


Bam Bam said...

Super Garrett!! He's not only a cutie pie - he's 1 smart cookie!! :)

The Thomas Times said...

Yes, just remember that 2nd child learns EVERYTHING faster by watching the older sibling! Even the things you DON'T want him to learn! And by the time Garrett is out of diapers it will be time to try for that girl!!! You deserve 3 kids...Join the madness! Luv ya