Monday, October 6, 2008

Two blogs in one day....I should get some kind of award for this!!

Aaron, the boys, and I had dinner with my dad tonight. We just went to the local italian restaurant, so it is pretty small......and quiet. After we ate, my dad said something like "I better go potty before I drive home" and gets up to go to the restroom. When he comes out of the restroom (on the other side of the restaurant), Jackson stands up in the booth, claps his hands, and says"YEA PAW PAW, PEE PEE! YEA PAW PAW, PEE PEE!" It was so funny!! I think MY dad was actually a little embarrassed. Shocking huh!?

Here are some cute pictures I got tonight while the boys were taking a bath -

Now these videos were my main motivation for posting 2 blogs in one day. I had to post these TONIGHT. They crack Aaron and I up! Every night our bedtime routine consist of giving the boys a bath, getting them into their pajamas, feeding Garrett a bottle on the couch while Jackson sits next to me and kind of settles down before bed, reading to the both of them, and putting them in bed. A few weeks ago Aaron was working so only I witnessed this. The Tour of Gymnastics came on TV that night while I was feeding Garrett. Jackson got off of the couch and thought he would try to do what they were doing on TV. This is supposed to be his "calming down" part of the night, but it was so funny I let it slide. I recorded the tour that came on TV in hopes of getting Jackson to "perform" again for Aaron to see.
Tonight while I was feeding Garrett, we played it and this was the results..... (see the two videos below, turn up your volume and listen for him singing in the 2nd video)

Nastia Liukin is carrying a sheet thing at the beginning, so that is why Jackson is using his blanket in the next video. In one part, the audience starts clapping, and Jackson figures they are clapping for him. He says "Yea That-Thin."


Anonymous said...

Aaron what in the world happen to Jackson watching ESPN,Golf,Baseball,Football and ALL the good sports. I am starting to worry about you. You starting to remind me of one of your X in laws. Next you will be wetting your bathing suit passed out.

Anonymous said...

That's great! I smiled (and chuckled) the whole time! My favorite part is the "Yea That-Thin." So sweet...

Anonymous said...

How PRECIOUS!!!!!! Emily heard me laughing and had to come see too!!
She said WHAT A SMART BABY!!! ;o)

So cute!