Thursday, October 16, 2008

We went to Story Time today. The picture below is of Jackson sitting with the other kids at the table coloring after the story. Jackson and the little girl you see became a little frustrated with each other. We all know Jackson likes things to be clean, therefore when you are done picking out a crayon, close the box. The little girl didn't have the same opinion. We let them figure it out on their own, but couldn't help but laugh. The girl would firmly put her hand on the box to keep it opened and Jackson would try moving her hand to close it. The stress of a 2 year old........don't you wish our worries were as small as a crayon box being opened!

Grammy and Garrett

Doesn't Garrett look like his Uncle Michael in the picture below?

Trying on a shirt for my sister's wedding....we need to start practicing walking with a pillow!

So tonight we were sitting there having dinner. Aaron and I were having a conversation with each other, and Jackson says "YEE HAW!" and starts laughing. (He calls a horse, Yee Haw) We looked over at him and look at the picture below to see what he did to his bread. I kid you not, he did this all on his own. And no, this is not something we have worked with him on and I honestly don't recall a time he has seen anyone do this.

How funny is that?! Do you see the horse? He is holding the head. It looks like a rocking horse! Is that not so stinkin' cute?! We thought so....

Speaking of dinner - I have to share a website with you I got from Jackson and Garrett's photographer. The cooking section of her site really puts me in the cooking mood. She shows step by step pictures of everything which makes it easy to understand, but be sure to check out the printable recipe link for exact measurements.
I made the Chicken Spaghetti tonight and we LOVED it!!! It was so yummy and it is now one of our new family favorites!!