Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts and Stories...

  • I posted an election poll over on the left. It is completely anonymous and just for fun! No cheating...only vote once.
  • Speaking of voting -some guy running for something keeps calling our house. His recording sounds like he is probably a nice, well educated man. However, I don't understand why they can't make their little recordings identify if the person answering the phone is male or female. Every time I answer the phone I hear, "Hello Aaron, sorry I am calling again, but I noticed you are a registered voter and haven't voted yet." Can I get a "HELLO KELLI?!" I am now a registered voter too!!!
  • My witty Grandma Lynn...anyone who has met her knows her personality and loves the woman. Her answering machine right now has the normal recording about not being home and then at the end she says "I'm Lynn **** and I approve this message." How funny is that!? I love it!! (The **** are because I don't like using last names on here)
  • Some political issues on my mind today....

#1. Obama - I thought it was if you make under $250,000 you would not see a dime increase on your taxes? Now it is if you make under $200,000 you will not see a change. Why is this number going down and will it continue going down?

#2 McCain - I just heard if Obama is elected, Oprah will have a 16 million dollar tax increase. If McCain is elected, she will have a 9 million dollar tax cut. Does Oprah really need a tax cut?? In my mind people like that having a tax increase is the same as them giving to charity.

I said negative things about BOTH candidates, so no yelling at me please! Remember I am a voter virgin, so take it easy on me!!!!!! :)

  • The other night we were sitting at the kitchen table having dinner. I was trying to get Garrett to say "Ma Ma." I then told Jackson that when he was little he called me "Bobby." (For the longest time we always thought "Who is Bobby?," but finally we realized that "Bobby" was "Mommy." Then it was shortened to "Bob," then "Bomb.") I guess we apparently made a mistake by telling this to Jackson the other night at dinner. Now, when you ask him what Daddy's name is, he says "Aaron." When you ask him what Mommy's name is, he says "Bobby" and smiles. He knows that is not my name, but he thinks it is funny.
  • Garrett is getting ready to be on the move! No, he is not crawling yet, but Jackson is becoming very frustrated with his interest in all of his toys. It used to be that Jackson could pick and choose which toys Garrett could have. Jackson would bring him a toy. Now, if Garrett sees a toy he wants....he is going to do everything he can to get it. This may mean pulling Jackson's shirt to get the toy he has in his hand, reaching a little farther, trying to scoot to a toy, pulling the toy out of Jackson's hand, or screaming at Jackson until Jackson gives in. It is actually pretty comical. I enjoy watching the battles....for now anyways.

Okay....Garrett is down for a nap, so I should be cleaning! Happy Halloween Eve! :)


Anonymous said...

I am not voting for the swirl.

Anonymous said...

Cupcake says.. Who is a swirl?

Anyhow... your observations on the vote this year are fun! :o)
Thanks for the Kelli perspective!

I also love the voice mail thing.. How fun!!!

I need to change my work one to..." I am cupcake and I hate the phone so please email me !!!" hahahaha!

Happy Hallooooooweeeeeen! mmmwahahahaha...! (that was a spooky laugh.... you got that ... right? )