Friday, October 3, 2008

The Furry Monster.

Since the weather has been nice, the boys and I have been going for walks every morning. (well, don't give them credit for walking...I am the one pushing the double stroller plus 47 pounds of kids)

We live on a horseshoe off of a busy road, so I only have one route option. I have to stay on my street. Lately, when I get to the other side of our horseshoe, there has been this new dog that has started chasing us. Since we live kind of out in the country, we have the lovely stray dogs. I assumed that this particular dog was just a stray dog. It is ugly and mean like one. His eyeballs are red. You know, the mean looking dog? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I love dogs and I am not normally afraid of dogs, but this dog is ready to attack me.

Each day it seems like he hates me more and more. Well, today while walking I saw the dog in a backyard. I thought, "oh good, it is not a stray dog and he is now behind a fence so he can't get us." OH NO....that dog EASILY jumped right over the fence and ran at us. Today he was basically right at the back of my legs. It just scares me since I have Jackson and Garrett with me. He can attack me (I would rather him not), but it just scares me with the kids.

So, my question for you all is what do I do? The owners just moved into that house a few months ago. They may not even know how the dog is getting out. Do I send them a letter, have Aaron (not me!!!!!) knock on their door or try to catch them outside one day to tell them, call someone like animal control??? What is the law? Do your dogs have to be locked up? What do I do??? I know the easy answer would be to only walk when Aaron is with me, but it's my street for crying out loud! Plus, I have seen him in our front yard. I wouldn't do anything at all if I didn't think the dog could harm us....but this is a mean dog.

Tonight when Aaron got home, I made him go on a second walk with us just so that he could see the dog. AND what does the dog do...?...?... stays behind the fence and just looks at us. However, their teenage daughter was in the garage, so maybe the dog felt safe. Aaron looked at me and said "Kelli? THAT dog jumps THAT fence?" YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One single jump. He didn't even need a running start.


Anonymous said...

How to fix a problem with a mean dog. Step #1--Have a talk with the owner asap. Step #2--Call the doggie jail. Step #3 and final step is SHOOT the dog. The End.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I agree with Pawpaw!

We had a dog that climbed chain link fences... so she could get out and run after Car tires... and then accidently slam her head into them, and fly through the air unconcious! Then she would come back to life and do it all over again! We couldnt keep her in! (she was a stray I tried to keep..)
Stupid dog!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackson needs a BB gun sounds like some good ole target practice to me!