Saturday, October 18, 2008

"It's a DAD thing!" Really?? Did everyone know this?

We went down to my parent's house yesterday. My dad and I used to always carve pumpkins together around Halloween time. Since Jackson is getting older, my mom bought a pumpkin at the store and thought it would be neat for my dad, Jackson, and I to all carve a pumpkin together. Aaron had a sprinkler repair job to do at one of their neighbor's house, so we decided to wait for Aaron to finish the repair so he could see Jackson dig into the pumpkin. My dad even said "Yeah, Aaron needs to be here." Well, it got later and later.....we had dinner.....dessert.....and it was time for us to head home and get the boys to bed, so we brought the pumpkin home with us.

This morning after breakfast, Aaron and I decided it would be a good time to carve the pumpkin. So, I picked up the knife and I as I am about to cut the top off, Aaron looks at me and says "Kelli, what are you doing??? That's a Dad thing!!" I looked at him, kind of laughed, and tried to continue what I was doing.......but he was serious. He said "You do the Easter eggs and I do the pumpkin." Dead serious.

So, I handed him the knife. I guess since I was always the little girl carving the pumpkin with my dad, I never thought of it being a "man" job. ????? Even my dad didn't think it would be right to carve the pumpkin yesterday without Aaron there. Do they give dad's some kind of manual when their children are born telling them what jobs they are responsible for!? I never knew he was in charge of the pumpkin and I was in charge of the Easter eggs..... hmmmmm. I got the memo about Santa Claus, but I guess nobody ever gave me the memo about the pumpkin and Easter eggs.

He did allow me to do the face, however he thought he needed to give me advice along the way.

Aaron with "the knife" doing "the Dad thing!"
Jackson looking inside of the pumpkin for the first time....
Happy Halloween!
Jackson was singing "Happy Birthday to Jackson" and trying to blow out the candle.

The wagon is more kids for us. Jackson was being silly when I was trying to take a picture of them. Look at his eyes.

Garrett is still a little sleepy. He has trouble waking up from his FOUR hour naps...
Look at that long hair blowing in the wind. ha! Grow hair, grow!

No worries....the lawn mower is turned off.

Garrett is amazed with his socks! Garrett was born in March, so he really only wore socks when he was a newborn. There was no need for socks during the summer since he doesn't wear shoes yet. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I have been putting socks on him. He thinks they are so funny! He will look at his socks and just smile and laugh at them. Then he likes to rub them. It is like he has new little friends on his feet!

Poor little Rigley...Thank God he is good with the boys.

Apparently Jackson has seen his Daddy with his feet up and relaxing after mowing the yard....

Jackson showing Garrett his new shoes.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the pumpkin. Some things we just have to pass on. Another DAD thing is taking out the trash.

Kristy said...

I guess since it is getting colder the crocs are being replaced. BTW David totally agrees that it is a dad thing and he isn't even a dad yet.