Monday, October 6, 2008

Some things don't always go your way...

Saturday I am taking Jackson and Garrett to Photography by Cupcake to have their 2 year/6 month pictures taken. If you remember, when Jackson was 6 months, he did a pasta scene. For Garrett's 6 month pictures, we are doing a baking scene. This morning after breakfast, I started looking through my things to see what all I had and what I needed to buy. One thing we need is a bowl large enough for Garrett to sit in. I got out my big bowl and sat Garrett in it to make sure he would fit. Needless to say, Jackson thought this looked fun, but became a little frustrated when he couldn't find a bowl large enough for him. He tried....

Garrett never really became interested in rolling over. He rolled over for the first time around 3 months, but never really understood the whole concept. He likes his back, he likes his I guess he figures why do I need to put forth the effort to roll over when I am happy where I am at. If there is a really cool toy he wants that is out of reach, he will sometimes roll to get it...but other than that he is happy in whatever position I put him in. I posted this picture of him because he always does this. He will arch his head so far back to see what is going on behind him. Normally it is even more of an arch than the picture shows. If he would just flip on his tummy, he could see a lot better....but nope, he has his own way of doing it.
I did ask his doctor about him not rolling much. She was not concerned at all since he is sitting. She said if he was not rolling or sitting, she would be concerned...but since he is sitting, he is fine. She said BIG babies just don't like to roll. It is too much work for them!
The battle with Jackson's nap continues. I also asked his doctor about this and she said it is extremely common at his age. They are so busy they don't want to miss anything! Bed time is still as simple as problems. That has not changed. However, since he would stand in his crib and scream for 2 hours during nap time, we have started letting him take naps in a location of his choice. Normally he will pick the couch. He has napped in "Mom Daddy Bed" (as he says) two times, and he tried the laundry basket once (didn't really work out for him), but most of the time he will pick the couch. The picture of him above is of him taking a nap with his baseball glove on.....Hey, whatever works for you dude!
This is a hard thing for me to adjust to. I am firm about their naps, following a routine, schedule, etc....but I had no choice but to give into this. For the 2 weeks that he was screaming during nap time, his behavior was awful in the evenings. He desperately needed a nap! When I talked to his doctor about it, she agreed with me that this probably starting a habit, but she said it is very important for him to take a do whatever I need to do...she had to do the same thing with her daughter.
I guess on the positive side, Jackson has never known how to fall asleep anywhere but in his crib, his car seat, or his pack and play. There have been many occasions when we were away from home during nap time and there is not a pack and play for him to sleep in. Someone will try to lay with him to get him to go to sleep, but that doesn't work! He just thought it was time to play! That's not what he is used to and toddlers get a little crazy when you disturb their normal routine and way of doing things. So maybe letting him "pick his nap location" will end up helping. (I am trying to be positive) Who knows, but what I do know is that our evenings are a lot more pleasant since he has been sleeping during nap time.