Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow in Texas!

The morning that snow was in the forecast, I woke up bright and early to the sound of Jackson yelling "MOMMY!!!  IT'S NOT SNOWING YET!" 

(and then Garrett yelled, "Jackson, it still night night time.  Go night night Jackson!"  which is a common morning quote from Garrett to Jackson)

We watched the weather and learned that the snow should arrive sometime around lunch time.  The weatherman was right!  As soon as we finished lunch, the snow started falling.  The boys were so excited! 
My prediction was correct for which child would go down the slide first.....  
 Running down to Grayson's house!
Our poor kids.  For day #1 in the snow, they didn't have gloves, so they had to wear ours. 
 Jackson, Grayson, and Garrett
From what I remember, when this picture was taken Garrett had just thrown a snowball at Grayson.  By the looks on their faces, I believe I may be correct!
 Back down at our house, they were playing Hide and Seek...
 Garrett loved eating the snow....
 Sweet boys!
 Eating snow....
The snow made for a fun Sunday, but I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed Monday morning.  This is something I have feared, but I had one tooth that started causing pain, so I was extremely ready to have them removed.  Now that I have children, being put under scares me to death because there is always the risk of not waking up.  However, I was finally mentally prepared to have it done! 

Then the question came up.....would the Oral Surgeon be open in the morning due to the weather.  I called and found out if Dallas ISD closes, they will close as well.  

I went to bed not knowing if I would be having surgery in the morning or not.  Kind of a weird feeling.

Woke up at 3am, looked online, nothing.

Woke up at 5am, nothing.

Then sometime within that hour, DISD had a posting on their website that said they would be open.  At this point I knew I would be having surgery in about 3 hours.

My Dad drove my mom to our house in the snow to stay with the boys, while Aaron took me.  

Everything went great and I don't remember a thing....(except for a few funny stories!)

When we got home and they got me settled (I was a still a very happy camper at this point from the medication) Aaron and Mom took the boys out to play in the snow.  
Garrett making a snow angel -
 Me, laying in bed, watching them from our bedroom window.  


Bam Bam said...

I love looking at their sweet smiles! There's no doubt they loved every second of playing in the snow!