Saturday, September 5, 2009

We were so close..... surviving the whole wedding without Jackson putting on a show, but like the saying goes, close only matters when playing horseshoes.

I sat a little tray of goldfish, animal cookies, and popcorn behind one of the speakers on the front of the stage in hopes of keeping Jackson and Parker happy throughout the whole ceremony. Jackson watched me make this tray the day of the wedding and was looking forward to eating it.

He walked down the aisle without a problem. He sat by the snack tray and started eating his snack in silence. Parker went down the aisle without a problem as well......while pushing a little baby stroller down the aisle that she didn't want to leave behind in the church nursery. It was precious and makes a great memory!!

Jackson and Parker sat together quietly and enjoyed their snack. During the wedding, I actually was telling myself how much Marla and I lucked out. The kids were doing great!! HOWEVER....we were so close to the end of the ceremony when Jackson decided it was time to play. Aaron was sitting in the back of the church with Garrett. He had the video camera and taped "Jackson's Performance." The video is shaky due to the fact Aaron is laughing, while I am turning bright red! The hard part was I knew if I grabbed him while he was in the middle of the stage it would only cause a bigger scene. Luckily he agreed, without a fight, to go sit with Aaron when I told him to. So embarrassing.........and Kristin said she didn't even know he did this. I think she is just trying to make me feel better.

To Aaron's Family: Does this remind anyone of Aaron being an airplane in Randy and Dianne's wedding when Aaron was two? Like father, Like Son, so shouldn't he be the one in the front of the church being paid backed and not sitting in the back?! ;)

The church video crew had issues with their camera and grabbed ours from Aaron to tape the end of the wedding. I love the very end when Parker goes back for her baby stroller. Her act seemed so much sweeter than my crazy child's act.

The rest of the videos are the boys dancing at the reception. I only brought my flip video camera, but Marla took some I will share later.

I LOVE this video of the boys dancing together. They are both doing a little neck roll dancing move. It is very short, so you may have to watch it more than once to really see their moves. ;)


Anonymous said...

I recall Aaron practicing his karate moves during Randy and Dianne's wedding. Very entertaining. -Uncle Steve

Viv said...

They both did great! That's a good little while for two young ones to be still and quiet, so I thought it all worked out and was a great wedding! Everyone was cute and beautiful! Aunt "B"