Sunday, March 1, 2009

I truly believe that God gives you what you can handle, but this is all we can handle so please stop. Aaron's Grandpa (Melvin's Dad) passed away today. We got news of it while we were at Melvin's visitation. I want to say more right now, but honestly I am just speechless. What can I say? The Jordan's are having two funerals in one week.

Picture: Aaron's Brother, Aaron's Grandpa, Aaron, Jackson, and Aaron's Dad

And to top in off, Heather's daughter Madyson (18 months old) was attacked by a dog Saturday. We were all at the hospital last night for her surgery, but she is okay and was released today. However, by saying "Okay" I mean she is okay internally. The dog really got a hold of her...

I guess when it rains it pours. I know they say things happen in 3s, but I didn't know that meant to one family.


Justin and Shelly said...

I told Aaron on Saturday that it couldn't get any worse...then I heard about Bud. I am speechless too, I mean this is just too much. But thank God for family and friends that are there for you-and know that God is crying with you. You are not alone and please please please let me know if I can do anything for you. (hint hint...need a vacation?!?!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh girl!!!!!!! Im so sorry!!!
You guys dont need anything else!!!

I dont know what else to say.....

im just stunned!!!

but I am so happy you have that picture of them all together!!!!!! WISH more people did that!! its truly priceless!