Friday, March 6, 2009

Reflection with Random Thoughts and Stories.

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1. Be organized. Even if you think you already are, chances are that you're probably not. As much as you don’t want to go through things that you may have had sitting around for years, your survivors really don’t want to while they are grieving over you.

2. Keep your important documents in one notebook.

3. Sunday at Melvin’s visitation is when we got the news about the passing of Aaron’s grandpa (Melvin’s Dad). Someone said to Aaron, “95 huh?! Looks like you may have good longevity.” Aaron looked over at his 56 year old father in his casket and said,”Ummmm….I don’t know about that….”

4. When Aaron and I got married we received tons of crystal vases. They are all very nice vases, but I always considered getting rid of several of them because reality is, when will I ever need that many. Well, I now know and I am glad I kept them all. Our house has looked like a florist.

5. Aaron’s Grandpa’s funeral was truly a funeral that got me thinking. He lived to be NINETY FIVE years old. I never realized this until it was said at his funeral….he NEVER complained. He was injured in the war, but yet I never knew this because he never wanted sympathy. Every time I have been around “Bud” (his real name is Melvin as well) he only cared to talk about Aaron, me, our kids, our house, our work, etc. He wanted to talk about us, not himself. Bud was successful in life and could have easily sat around and talked about himself, but he never did. The only thing I ever heard him brag about was his new John Deere tractor, but he only did this because he loved the free John Deere hat that came with it.

After his funeral, I reflected on my own life. What will they say about me at my funeral? How do I want to be remembered? What will my obituary say? I guarantee you that most of the things we worry about are not important. Your obituary will only say what you DID while you were here on earth, not what you HAD. Nobody will care how nice your car is, how much your purse cost, how much you weighed, etc. The only thing that truly matters, is what you did while here and the relationships you had with others.

6. I don’t have words yet to describe the feelings I have over the death of Melvin. Melvin had a big heart and really would do anything for anyone. Aaron is taking it hard....and I will just leave it at that for now.

Most of you know, but some are still confused….Melvin and Dianne are Aaron’s parents. They divorced when Aaron was a baby and Dianne married Randy when Aaron was two years old. Aaron refers to Melvin and Randy both as “Dad.” In fact, I would become frustrated about once a week because Aaron would start stories with “I was talking to Dad today….” I would have to cut Aaron off and ask “Which Dad? Melvin or Randy?” Melvin and Randy are two completely different people, they have taught Aaron completely different things in life, but they are both “Dad.”

7. The happiest people in the world work at Dairy Palace in Canton. If you need a good laugh, go there.

8. I am the worlds worst at knowing what to say to someone when someone has died. I will never again tell the spouse of someone who has lost a parent to “Stay Strong.” That is the hardest part. My husband just lost his Dad; therefore I know I must be the strong one. In fact, there is a little voice in my head telling me that over and over again and it makes me want to scream. (Don’t worry if you told me that, I don’t have a clue who all said that to me.)

9. Children have a way of making you smile. Thank God for Jackson and Garrett through this all.

10. Aaron and I are truly thankful for the love and support you have all shared. It helps Aaron to know that he is not alone through this all. Although our days seem dark at the moment, life will continue, and time will heal…


Kristin said...

I know we have already talked about this... but this is so true and really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

You said you dont have the "words" .. but you sure did describe it all perfectly!

That was an awesome blog.

Unknown said...

Kelli you always have the right works. Aaron is lucky to have you by his side at this MOST difficult time in his life! You all are still in our prayers!

The Thomas Times said...

Sorry that "Mesquite" comment is from me!

Anonymous said...

Kelli, your blog was a wonderful tribute to Melvin & to Bud. My heart goes out to the entire Jordan family at this time of such heartache. I've always been so proud of you and Aaron, but the strength and love you've both shown through this ordeal has been incredible. I'm glad you have each other to lean on and those two beautiful little boys to make you laugh and smile.

I love you all so much,

Anonymous said...

PawPaw to

Marla said...

This is a great blog! It really got me thinking and put some things into perspective. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers.