Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garrett's Stats.

Garrett had his 12 month check up Monday and everything is peachy! He looks good and is developing like he should be.

He is now allowed to eat anything (within reason...) except for peanuts and shellfish. I am so excited that he can finally have eggs and berries...and Garrett is excited that he can have chocolate!

Here is where he was, at 9 months -
Weight = 21.1 (70 percentile)
Height = 29" (70 percentile)
Head = 46.8 (80 percentile)

Here is where he is now, at 12 months -
Weight = 23.3 (60 percentile)
Height = 30 3/4" (75 percentile)
Head = 48 (89 percentile)

Basically, he is getting taller and thinning out as she predicted he would since he was/is a big baby.

Of course when we got home from Garrett's appointment (and our little "Mommy and Me" date), I pulled out Jackson's baby book to compare. Even though people always say that Garrett is a big baby, I still always felt like Jackson was bigger.

Here is where Jackson was at 12 months -
Weight = 23.14 (60 percentile).....Garrett weighs .16 more
Height = 31 1/4" (90 percentile)....Jackson was 1/2" taller
Head = 47.5 (80 percentile)....Garrett's is bigger by .5...which shocks me!

So, they are pretty darn close to one another. I find that interesting since I carried Jackson 37 weeks and 4 days and carried Garrett 37 weeks and 5 days (only 1 day apart), they were both exactly 7 pounds at birth, and Jackson was only 1/4" longer than Garrett.

So, based on this information, I would predict they will be about the same size when they are older....Jackson may be a little taller. However, I know their eating choices and lifestyle could change that...

While we were at the doctor, I only had 2 questions for her -
#1: Garrett sucks his thumb when he is going to sleep (or if he is mad...normally at Jackson for taking a toy:) I asked her what suggestions she had for getting him to stop. I know that everything is easier done the younger they are, so I didn't know if we should try to break the habit. She said she is not worried at all and that I should start seeing it less and less which I already am.
He has his little blue security blanket and then for his birthday he got a blabla monkey (which I love! Thanks Marla!), so I am hoping between the 2, he will one day find enough comfort in those to not need the thumb.
So...since our wonderful pediatrician isn't worried, either am I!

#2: Jackson wasn't at the appointment, but she said I can always ask questions about him since he only goes once a year. I have been a little concerned about his speech. Jackson talks A LOT and uses LONG sentences, however he isn't as clear as some kids I have heard that are around his age. I know kids develop at different stages, but I just don't want to miss anything. I asked her what is expected of a 2 1/2 year old and when/if I should be worried?

She went through the % questions -
What percent do I understand?
What percent do close friends and family understand?
What percent do strangers understand?

Based on this, I shouldn't be concerned. Since he does talk so much, we know that his hearing is fine and that it's just his articulation. She said most kids all even out when they are 3 and she feels it is actually better that he has the quantity over the quality. Things should be fine, but if not we will "take action" when he turns 3.
She also said that her daughter was telling clear, long stories at the age of 2. She said as her mom, she was patting her own back because she was so proud of her daughter and thought "my child is going to be better than the rest" like we all want to think. However, by the time her daughter turned 3, she was just like all of the other kids. So....they just all even out!

I think he is fine - and if not, it will be okay! I went to speech as a child and look at me....I am like a rocket scientist! haha, maybe that was a little stretch. Just a little...