Saturday, March 14, 2009

We started our Saturday night off by breaking the law. We broke the law by ONE week. We're crazy aren't we?! No, we didn't drink and drive. No, we didn't rob a bank. We turned Garrett's car seat around! Garrett will turn one next Saturday. The Texas law is that a child must be 22 pounds AND one year of age before his/her car seat can be forward facing. There is no doubt that we can check 'over 22 pounds' off of Garrett's list and we are only a week away from Garrett turning one. Tonight just so happened to be the perfect night to switch out the car seats. Aaron was home, so the whole family would get to be in the car for Garrett's "first ride" facing the front. I didn't want Aaron to miss it, so we did it a little early! Just a little....

It seems so weird that he is facing the front now. I still seem him as a little baby.

Garrett loved it!!! He was kicking his feet and laughing, playing peek-a-boo, and cracking up at absolutely nothing!

Jackson was trying to play along with Garrett's craziness!

Marla and Geoff invited us over for dinner tonight and we had a great time! Marla even made Cupcake Bites (click the link) for dessert! They were the BEST!
It was so nice to get out of the house tonight.
Here are some random pictures I took.... (Kristin, I should have taken a picture of your belly!!)
We kept the kids up kind of late. I guess this could be considered their midnight snack. No, it wasn't really midnight. It was just late for them.


Jackson is on a horse, so Parker and Garrett were pretending to ride a horse too by bouncing up and down.
Marla had this wonderful idea to take a picture of all 3 kids. haha! I wish I could say that we were successful in getting a good or even decent picture, however it was pretty tough. I think what we have may be more amusing than just a normal picture....
Take 1:
Take 2:
Take 3: Jackson doesn't understand why this task is so hard for Garrett. Garrett doesn't understand why he needs to sit still when there is a room full of "new" toys.

Take 4: Thanks Geoff for saving Garrett's life. :) Parker looks a little worried!
Take 5:
Take 6:
Take 7:

Take 8:

Take 9: Jackson gives up on the little kids (mainly Garrett!). "Just take a picture of me..." How did he end up with Parker's bow?

The battle of the ball. However, I didn't realize there was a battle until looking back at the pictures.
Round 1: Parker has clear possession of the ball.

Round 2: Jackson is interested in having possession of the ball.

Round 3: Jackson some how got the ball. ??

Round 4: Jackson remembers that he is taller than Parker....

Round 5: My child won the ball battle, which really means I lost! My child was the mean kid.
Thanks Marla and Geoff for having us over. We had a wonderful time!


Justin and Shelly said...

Awww...these pictures are so cute! Garrett is growing up so much! He looks so happy :) Miss yall!

Marla said...

I totally agree about the group shot! Did I ever really think we would get them all 3 to sit down together and say "cheese!"??? Haha. But it sure was amusing! And cute!

Anonymous said...

Group shot+ Cupcake = we can dooo eeet!!!


Loved the post! hehehee especially the car seat adventure!