Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Questions Begin.

"Who's that Mommy?"

"What's this Mommy?"

The questions have begun.

Tonight I made Pioneer Woman’s Pasta Primavera. Pioneer Woman says this meal is "chick food" because it has a lot of vegetables and no meat. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good meal to make for Jackson, Garrett, and I tonight since Aaron is working. They always need some extra veggies! Both of the boys loved it! (Advice: Next time I will cook the vegetables longer than she suggests so they are softer.) Jackson was very excited about this meal. Seriously he asked me what every single vegetable was. Held up a pea - "What's that Mommy?" Held up a carrot - "What's that Mommy?" Held up squash - "What's that Mommy?"......
Then when he was out of broccoli, he asked "Where's more broccoli Mommy?" (Seriously?....more broccoli? Is this my child?)

Also, during dinner every single car that drove by our house, Jackson would ask "Who's that Mommy?"...... "Who's that Mommy?".....

So, I think the questions have arrived. I dread the "But WHY Mommy?" You know, the questions you really don't have an answer to.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! If he's at all like you were when you were small, he'll ask you lots and lots of questions. I know you and Aaron are going have lots of fun with this stage, and just think after you've answered thousands of questions for Jackson, Garrett will start with his own unique questions!
Love You,

Justin and Shelly said...

Kelli - you realize that once Jackson starts asking "why" that Aaron will just make stuff up. Haha! Justin already does that to me and I know he will do it to our son one day too! I can't wait to hear all the responses Aaron gives!!!