Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's in a name...


Click on link above to see the top baby names of 2008. Looks like Jackson will probably have a lot of classmates with the same name since "Jackson" is climbing up on the list, but I think Garrett is safe!

I don't miss looking at those darn name lists. I remember spending hours, night after night, searching for names. Looking at the list now, reminds me of what "Jackson and Garrett" almost were:

Jackson Reece - before knowing if it was twins or not (due to fertility) we like Reece and Reed for 2 boys. After knowing it was one baby, but not knowing the gender we liked Ava or Kinsley for a girl...both agreed on Kinsley...and Jackson for a boy. "Jackson" was Aaron's grandfather's name and my Great Grandfather's last name - so it was perfect.

Garrett Ryan - Garrett was going to be Jenna if he was a girl. Jackson and Jenna, sounds perfect huh!?
Well....as we know now, It's a BOY! (which I am thankful for now!). And when they said "It's a boy" we didn't have any names in mind. Boy names are hard to come up with.....we think. We thought of many, many, many - Kason, Luke, Grayson Paul (wow, even had a "multiple"family middle name...Paul is Aaron's middle name, Aaron's Step-Dad's first name, and it was my Grandfather's name), Hudson, Anderson, Ryder - and now I forget the rest because the list went on..... and on..... and on.

Aaron and I have ALWAYS agreed on Garrett. When trying to get pregnant with Jackson we both liked the name "Garrett Jackson" but the little boy who lived next door was named Garrett, so we tossed that name out the window. The neighbors moved before I was pregnant with Garrett, so when picking a name we knew that could be an option once again......but it took me awhile to say YES to it because I felt I was giving up because I was tired of being creative. I actually remember the night we found out it was a boy and went to dinner with our family. Everyone (even Aaron) wanted the name Luke. I didn't give into the pressure because I however, wanted the name to be longer and stronger like Jackson. So, after Aaron and I kept going back to the name "Garrett," and we became set on that. We didn't tell anyone for a little while (keep in mind - "a little while" is not long in our family. I am the one that calls people at 5AM to say I am pregnant) because we wanted to be sure on it before hearing the opinions of others.
"Garrett" and "Jackson" both have 7 letters in their names & their middle names both start with a 'R' like my maiden name (okay...so maybe we didn't plan the whole 'R' thing because of my maiden name, but I like to think we did), so that is their connection.

By the length of Garrett's paragraph, can you tell it took us longer to come up with his name?
So, now that our children are born, can you see Jackson as a Kinsley or Garrett as a Jenna or Luke? I really hope you can't see them as a Kinsley or Jenna....we may have issues if you do.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! Loved the ending!

Sean would have been Sam or Max if I had my druthers... and Emma was going to be Hannah.. until she came out NOT looking like Hannah at all, and Kerian if she was a boy. (that would have been fun.. John, Sean,Karen and Kerian....hahahah... )

But I love your names! you did good and they fit their personalities!

Anonymous said...

Good blog! I think Parker would have ended up being Ryder if she was a boy. Picking out names wasn't so fun for us because it seemed like every name I picked out, he knew someone it reminded him of, and vice versa. Plus, being a teacher. Parker was really the only name we agreed on. Funny how it all works out.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. You go to Mexico for 4 days then you come back and start looking at baby names. KELLI is there something we all should know?????

The Thomas Times said...

I am with your dad!!! I know first hand what happens in Mexico doesn't always stay in Mexico! We love our little Mexico baby!!!!!