Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Dear 2 Year Old -

Jackson had a GREAT night in his new bed! I am a night owl and late last night as I was sitting in the living room, I heard a little strange noise come from his room. I waited a bit before going to his room only because I didn't want him to see me. When I did go into his room, he had one foot on the floor, but his bottom was sitting on his bed. He looked confused and said "Tuck Jackson back in." I laid him down and he went right back to sleep. Before going to bed myself, I was the paranoid mom....I made sure all the child safety locks on the doors that lead to outside were attached well, the security system was set, and left a little light on in the living room in case he did any roaming. We didn't hear from him or see him all night. About 7:30 this morning, Aaron and I woke up to his sweet little voice standing at our bedroom doorway holding his blankets. He looked as if he didn't know if he was allowed to wake us up, get in our bed, start making breakfast, or what the rules were.

Here are some pictures that were taken of Jackson on Tuesday. I don't think these pictures need words, other than pointing out that he is Our Dear TWO YEAR OLD...


Anonymous said...

That's not his "time out area" so even though it looks like he's in the corner, I'm guessing he was being silly and not letting you take his picture.

They're both growing up way too fast. Where does the time go? Big boy bed for Jackson and no more bottles for Garrett. Lots of changes just this week.

Give them big kisses and hugs from Bam Bam.

Love You,

Kristin said...

That is funny, I was going to ask "is he in time out" haha.. I am glad he did so well in his bed!!