Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boys....Much Different than Girls.

I didn't plan on blogging about this first story for the fact that it's probably one of those funny but nasty stories not everyone would like to hear about, but this story ended up leading to another now it is a must. However, those who personally know Aaron and I, know that we don't really have a filter when it comes to talking about gross things. We find them funny. Therefore, the fact that I am telling this story shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Hopefully since the story is about a 2 year old, it will be cute to you as well.

This morning I put Garrett down for his morning nap and I got in the shower. I always keep the bathroom door open so that Jackson can go in and out while I am taking a shower and I can keep an eye on him. As I was in the shower today, Jackson walks in with the stool from his bathroom. He puts the stool in front of our toilet, pulls down his pants, and hops on. (Now, let me inform you - he has been using his little training potty and "dropping the kids off at the pool" has been a challenge for him....feel free to google that if you are confused about the meaning) After a few moments, I looked over at him as he is sitting on the toilet and he is "reading" one of my parenting books. Then I hear, "Mom! Jackson poo pooed! Mom, turn that fan on!" So, apparently even though I was worried that Aaron isn't home enough to model male potty skills for Jackson, he is obviously still observing (Aaron of course) and doing as he sees.

This made me excited because he was REALLY successful sitting on the big potty. The big potty would be much easier to clean than his little potty and there are big pottys everywhere. I had planned on buying the little seat for preschoolers that can go on the toilet, but after talking with my mom she informed me that we (my sister and I) just sat on the normal toilet seat.

Before lunch today, Jackson went to use the restroom. He is currently into shutting the door while he is using the restroom, so I just let him have his privacy. I know 100% when he went into the restroom he was dry. I also know that he sat on the toilet (because I look at his feet under the door to see what he is doing....don't laugh at me!) However, when he came out of the restroom, his butt and underwear were wet. Normally if he has an accident, the front of his pants are wet, not the back. I was kind of confused, but I wondered if he didn't scoot back far enough on the seat which caused it to go on his pants.

To put an end to my confusion, the next time he needed to use the restroom I went in with him. I made sure he was scooted back on the seat and I sat close by (too close...). Once he began, I saw that it didn't matter how far back he was on the seat. The urine was squirting right under the toilet seat....where the seat and toilet meet. At first it was just getting his pants wet, but as the pressure increased, it started squirting me!

So, My Dear Mother of 2 Girls - I am glad that the normal toilet seat worked for Sis and I, however, I don't think it is a good option for our house of boys. HA HA!! But I still wonder, even with a little seat, won't it still squirt through the front? We did have to replace the seat on that toilet a few weeks ago, so maybe there isn't a seal like there should be. I don't know! Moms of Boys - HELP! What do I need to buy or do?? Let me know ASAP! I don't want to discourage the big potty, but we can't have urine squirting everywhere!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a 3 year old and we bought a potty seat that has a guard for the little boys. It works okay but mine would rather stand up.

Anonymous said...

We had to teach Chandler how to hold it down and aim to the water. My mom was hilarious when we were potty training him since she too raised 2 girls.

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

We tried the aim to the water before he got in the bath tonight and it worked great...however, this was while he was naked. Once he tried it with pants & underwear around his ankles, he couldn't spread his legs enough to aim at the water.

Anonymous...whoever you may be??
His little potty seat has the guard and I love it. It is perfect, but the problem on the big potty isn't with it going up where the guard would block it, it is going straight forward under the seat.

Kristin said...

I have no advice for you. But thanks for the story, it made me laugh!! :)

The Thomas Times said...

Until he can hold it down and aim with his pants on he may have to take one foot out of his pants and underware so he can push it down. We even taught Cole to sit backwards for a while until he got the hang of aiming. You still have to take their pants off, but that was easier than cleaning pee-pee! Aren't boys fun!!!

Anonymous said...

We have the potty seat that goes on the big seat and it has a ring around the bottom that prevents that from happening. Ours is red with Dora (I know girly) but it has the front guard and the ring below. I think it was $5-$10 at Target...they make Diego too!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am reading this.

Anonymous said...

sorry this is coming a little late but I have been behind on reading the blog. With Kyle when he went to the bathroom we would have him step out of his underwear and pants on the one leg so he was able to scoot all the way back but then we showed him how to squeeze his legs together and shoot it into the potty--he had a little potty but would never use it. he liked to use the big one. he learned to stand pretty early on--he just stood on his stool and we taught him to point it--some people teach boys to point it by putting cheerios into the toilet to shoot at. just some crazy suggestions!--Carrie