Monday, January 5, 2009

9 Month Check Up.

Garrett had his 9 month check up and he is growing like he should be.

Here is where he was at his 6 month check up -
Weight = 19.9 (80 percentile)
Height = 27 3/4" (88 percentile)
Head = 45.5 (90 percentile)

Here is where he is now, at 9 months -
Weight = 21.1 (70 percentile)
Height = 29" (70 percentile)
Head = 46.8 (80 percentile)

He didn't have to have any immunizations today...WAHOO!! It was a pretty boring appointment since I didn't have any questions for her. Jackson must of thought it was boring as well, because he thought today would be a fantastic day to show that he is in his terrible twos. Wow. He is going through a major phase (I hope it is a phase) right now. We have been going, going, going with the holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc., so his schedule has been out of whack. Aaron and I didn't think terrible twos were so bad, until now. He is really testing us, but we are holding up our guard...although today I wanted to crawl in a hole. Hopefully after everything settles down, he will back to his normal 'ole self....hopefully.

We are getting ready to leave for Mexico for Shelly's wedding. I thought I was ready, but all of a sudden I feel like I have tons of stuff to do. I have to get the boys packed and ready to go to my parents house, pack myself, and get all of our documents ready to go! (oh yeah, I have to pick up my bridesmaid dress. Can't forget that!) Aaron and I are getting very excited. This is my first time EVER to leave the boys. I had to leave Jackson when I was in the hospital after having Garrett, but that was it. So....hopefully I won't drink to much wine and talk about how much I miss my kids. Jackson is not okay with us going. I didn't think he understood, but now he is saying "Mom and Daddy in plane anymore!"....which means - he doesn't want us on the plane. They will both be fine at my parent's house and they will have a great time! I will miss them, but I won't worry one bit.