Monday, January 12, 2009

Shelly and Justin's Mexico Wedding!

We're back and had a fabulous time! Everything was GREAT! The resort was amazing and it was a perfect place for a wedding. It was good for Aaron and I to have a break together, but by Sunday we were ready to get home and see the boys. My parents must have done a great job with Jackson and Garrett while we were gone, because they are still in their routine and being just as sweet as ever.

Arriving to the resort and checking out the place -

Heading to the Rehearsal Dinner -

The Family -

Aaron dancing like he knows how! Ugggh, the cigar! The resort had a cigar bar....

Shelly doing what she does best!
Video of Shelly dancing. Sorry it is dark -
The Pina Colada's must have been getting to me by this point -

Superman Crystal -

Getting pampered at the spa the day of the wedding -
The Wedding - (Thanks Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve for taking these pictures for me!)

SOME of the onlookers...they were coming out of everywhere -

The guys waiting for the wedding to start -

Here comes the bride -

Notice the lady in the "unnecessary" bikini in the background near the water. The best man fianlly had to ask her to move so that she wouldn't be in the pictures.

Mr. & Mrs. -

Justin, Shelly, and Uncle Steve -

The Siblings -

The band for cocktail hour on the beach -

The Reception -

Randy's giving his toast -

Crystal TRYING to START her toast. The tears were already coming -

Justin and Shelly's first dance -

Daddy and Daughter Dance - (they started singing to all of us during their dance..haha)

Blair breaking it down -

Blair and Nana -

Aaron and Shelly (Don't worry - it's a virgin Pina Colada!)

The last night - I forgot to bring my camera to the beach on this day. I wish I would have. I really only have pictures from the "night life."


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such a beautiful place for a wedding!!!!!!!!!!!
My photo eye was just a clickin! while looking at the pictures!!


Looks like you had a great relaxing time too.. not so often a feeling at a wedding.. good for you guys!!!