Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jackson goes through phases with wanting to use the big boy potty and not wanting to use the big boy potty. His pediatrician says to never put pressure on the issue. If he wants to - great; if not - back off. When he is two and a half (end of March) we are supposed to put a little more pressure on it, but still even then we are supposed to back off if he is becoming frustrated.

Even when he has shown an interest in the past, he wasn't physically ready to be without a diaper. I don't think he physically felt the "warning feeling" and it would just sneak up on him. :)

Right now he is currently in the phase of wanting to use the potty. Although I didn't plan on it, tonight after dinner I put him in big boy underwear and moved his potty in the living room for "fast access" whenever he felt the urge. From 6:00 - 7:15, he used the potty THREE times and didn't have ANY accidents. He was so funny - I asked him about 1,000 times if he needed to go potty just so he would remember to "watch for signs." He would smile and say "Not yet, Mom!"

It really seemed to me as if the whole concept was making sense to him tonight. So, although I wasn't prepared for this, tomorrow morning we will continue the training. If it works, great....but if not, that is okay too since I wasn't expecting anything until Spring (and that was being hopeful).

The toddler bed is working out great. We haven't had any problems....knock on wood!

Garrett easily adjusted to getting rid of his bottle. I think Garrett gets attached to things more than Jackson ever did, so taking the bottle away worried me. The best advice our pediatrician ever told us was that "Everything is easier to do when they are younger." Taking the bottle away, sleep training, dealing with behavior issues, learning to be respectful, etc. With that in mind, when Garrett started screaming the first time I wouldn't give him his milk in a bottle, that just told me that now is the time to give up the bottle. And so I wouldn't give into the temptation, the bottles went in the trash and he has been fine!

Just like Garrett's weird crawling techniques, I think he is going to show us some weird walking techniques as well. He will occasionally hold on to something and pull up, but what I have seen him do the most of is walk like a bear.

He doesn't like to be behind his little walker thing. When I try to make him stand behind it, he screams and quickly crawls around to the front of the walker to play with the toys. Even though he knows how to stand (holding onto something) for some reason when I put him behind his walker his legs turn into noodles.

I will keep you all posted on the potty training situation. He may wake up in the morning and not want any part of it. We will see....
If you have any potty training secrets, feel free to send them my way. :)


Anonymous said...

Both of my kids did the whole bye bye bottle thing easily too! I always thought it was more of a liquid pacifier after they were eating food anyhow!
And we HAD paci... so they didnt mind! ;o)

You need to come to QP next month for Garrett to sit on the moon! I want to see him!!

Anonymous said...

Let him PP off the back porch like he does at pawpaw's house. It works get. If I could post a picture of him PP off the porch on this comment I would.

Kristy said...

I wanna see the pictures Ronnie!