Saturday, July 24, 2010

Everything Needs a Purpose.

Garrett has always loved putting little objects into a big object.  (e.g., blocks in a box, cars in a basket)  This is a skill I often appreciate because he is a great assistance when it comes time to clean up.

I have this vase sitting on the console table under our TV.  Yesterday, I had to laugh when I walked by and saw this:
It was filled with wood letters and a pair of goggles.  

Notice the lid he placed on top, it doesn't belong to that vase but it is such a perfect fit.  

The lid came from this little vase thingy.....
....which Garrett thought was a the perfect spot for his drink.
It all makes perfect sense.  In Garrett's eyes, everything needs a purpose so he was just helping me out. 

The most amusing part of it all was when Aaron got home from work.  I said "Hey, look at the console table in the living room."  He looked and responded with "Why did you do that?"  in a serious voice.  I then said "AARON, Seriously!!  [which by the way, 'seriously' is Jackson's new favorite thing to are great at making you realize the things you say too often] You think I did that?!"  He replied back with "Oh....did Garrett do it?"  DUH!!!!  


Kristin said...

That's funny!!!!!! They are very smart, aren't they!!!??