Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Brooks!

Saturday,  we celebrated Brooks' 1st birthday!  Shelly did such a amazing job at making his party adorable.  
By looking at Blair can you guess the theme?
Such a cute table set up!
I made the cupcakes for the party!  Dr. Seuss was such a fun theme!
Little Dr. Seuss shoes....
I have to share this tradition with you all.  
In the picture below, you will see the Poppi plate.  Poppi is Randy's late father.
All of Poppi's grandchildren used this plate and now every great-grandchild.  
The plate is given to every great-grandchild on his/her 1st birthday from the great-grandchild that recently had it.  
This plate has really been passed around these past couple of years.  
Molly had it for 1 year and 10 months.
Molly passed it to Jackson. Jackson had it for 3 months.
Jackson passed it to Claire.  Claire had it for 14 months.
Claire passed it to Garrett. Garrett had it for 13 months.
Garrett passed it to Chloe. Chloe had it for 3 months.
and now....Chloe passes it to Brooks.
Cake time!
Thank goodness for technology!  
This is how Justin got to see the party....
They used Skype.  Did I even say that right?  Should I say "They Skyped him?"
Jackson really wanted to be a part of the......hmmmmm, what do I say here?.....he wanted to be a part of the skyping....he wanted to Skype too....   ?????
You get my point!
Bounce House!
Jackson loved this hat!
Happy Birthday, "Baby" Brooks!
We love you!


Kristin said...

How cute!!!! What a great theme!! Everything looked so good!!

Marla said...

What a cute party! And those cupcakes looked delicious!! How did you get that icing to look so good?

Sis said...

Great pics! Shelly, he's getting so grown up. Love the party decor and the cupcakes and baby cake looked great! Kelli, did you make Brooks' cake too?