Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let’s Cut Paper!

Jackson got this little workbook from my parents for Christmas, but since we moved shortly after Christmas, some of their Christmas gifts were packed up in storage.  I came across this book the other day and knew Jackson would love it.  It is called Let’s Cut Paper!   

This is from the Kumon First Step Workbook series.  He also has My Book of Easy Mazes and My Book of Coloring.  I think after I write this blog I may order several more.  He really loves them!
This particular books helps him learn to use scissors and helps with fine motor skills.  Not only does he cut the paper, but he has to fold the paper in certain spots. 
It starts with simple things, like cutting whiskers -
Then cutting out mixed up puzzles and putting them together - (I let him glue his final product to paper)
A boat and a (sideways) rocket ship -
We have been doing a few each day. 
Of course, why would he want to sit in a chair like a normal person?!?!
DSC_1428     DSC_1433  DSC_1435    DSC_1439  DSC_1441  DSC_1443    
This one he had to cut out the corners, then fold up the sides to make a fence for the sheep.
Pause for some sweet pictures….
He is all about posing for pictures right now, can you tell? 
I love that sweet boy…


Marla said...

Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to let Parker start cutting, but for some reason have not found the scissors that I wanted. Not sure what I was looking for. Anyway....I already added the book to my Amazon shopping cart! I have a lot of things in there now....just buy as I can!

Bam Bam said...

& I love that sweet boy too!
What a great job he's doing! He sure found a creative way to stand a little taller, didn't he?! Great close up shot of him posing for the camera. I also love to see Christmas gifts still being used in July!!

Anonymous said...

I love these pics! He's so sweet!