Thursday, July 22, 2010

You're a Mom.

I LOVE this and had to share it with you all....

So.....Do you know who Elmo's fish is?


Kristin said...

If you work all day and never get paid you're a mom!!! That's my favorite part!!

Has a good beat.. I was dancing and so was Payton!! HA!!

I'm adding my own version..

"If you watch Barney all day you're a MOM!!!!"

And yes Elmo's fish is on Elmo's world???? I guess!! I've seen it quite a few times! But not a regular like we are with Barney! (yet)

Torrie Deville said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing :)

Bam Bam said...

Very cute video! Loved that, but your question (Do you know who Elmo's Fish is?) was driving me crazy! I know I've seen Elmo & his pet fish lots of times with the boys, I can even hear Elmo's (non-annoying) voice talking to the fish.
Just had to google it - So yes, I know who Elmo's fish is!!

Tiffany said...