Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Me Not a Baby."

Let's start at the beginning....

Remember back when Garrett was only 18 months, he decided to climb out of his crib.  
This is when we had to convert his crib into a toddler bed.
{Looking back at the blog post with these pictures just made my eyes fill with tears.  He has grown so much! Here is the link to that post:  He may be our 2nd, but that doesn't make it any easier}
Anyways - as I learned back then, Garrett would do things Jackson never thought about doing because Garrett had a big brother to learn from.  Several months ago when we were living with my parents and the boys were sharing a room, Garrett would take naps in his bed.  However, at night, if him and Jackson were not sleeping together, Garrett would often sleep on the floor between their beds.  We just thought it was because that was the closest he could get to Jackson without actually getting into Jackson's bed.  

When we moved, the boys really did well and didn't have a problem going back to separate rooms.  Lately however, Garrett does not like to lay in his bed.  Sometimes he will, but most of the time he wants to be on his floor.  One night he actually fell asleep laying on his monkey chair.  I felt so bad for him! 

The other night as he was laying on his floor, he was in one of his sweet little moods, so I asked him about it.  He said, "I don't like my bed.  Me not a baby.  Me a big boy!"  I said, "Garrett, I know you are a big boy.  You have a big boy bed!  If you were a baby, you would sleep in a crib like baby Savannah does."  He said, "My bed is baby bed."  At that point, I just loved on him, let him sleep where he wanted to in his room, and later that night before I went to bed, I moved him into his bed.

He knows his bed is different than Jackson's twin bed and he probably doesn't even remember his toddler bed being a crib.  When we converted Jackson's crib to a toddler bed, Jackson was 2 years and 4 months....
Garrett is only 2 years and 3 months right now (One month YOUNGER than Jackson was) and has been in a toddler bed for 9 months.  Garrett doesn't remember a big exciting day of becoming a big boy and graduating from his crib to a toddler bed.  His toddler bed is the only thing he knows.

Aaron and I were tired of seeing him sleep on his floor, so we bought him a new twin bed today!  It is expected to arrive around July 1st! 

SO.....Garrett's crib and mattress are FOR SALE.  I love his crib and it is in great condition.  It actually converts to a full size bed as well.  It is the Madison crib from Pottery Barn Kids.  E-mail me at if you are interested!  

I really cannot believe Garrett will be in a real big boy bed.  At one point we had more cribs in our house than we did beds, and now we won't have any cribs.  It is kind of bittersweet because Aaron and I still feel like Garrett will be our last.  At times, Garrett still seems like a baby to me, but I guess it may always feel like that because he is supposed to be "the baby."  


Marla said...

They do grow up so fast, don' they? And I know what you mean about just thinking he is your 'baby' because he is your baby. I feel the same way with Grace....when she does something new I feel like she is 'too little' to be able to do it.....even though it's right on schedule. But with was almost like I was 'waiting' for her to grow up...even though she still grew up too fast?

Does this make any sense at all? Ha!

Kelly said...

I left you an award on my blog...

Have a great weekened