Saturday, June 26, 2010

Because simple would be Boring.

I took the boys in the backyard after lunch today.  It was almost nap time and Jackson needed to release some energy, so I thought we could just go outside for a few minutes to pass some time.

They played some baseball....
Which reminds me of something funny Jackson said the day after Harleigh's game.  
He was playing baseball and he said "Mommy, I just need to practice for a little bit to see how good I am going to be at my game tonight."  :)
 If you saw a little boy dressed like this in public, would you know that the child got dressed on his own?  I sometimes wonder if people realize that.
This was simple.  They were playing together and playing nicely.  I was sitting in a rocking chair reading a magazine.  I planned on saying "Times Up" and pictured us all just running inside to prepare for nap time.  A simple afternoon.  
They had other plans.....
I like simple. 

The boys however, think simple is boring.


Justin and Shelly said...

Too cute :) The face Jackson is making while he is running is such an Aaron face!

Marla said...

Love the pictures of the boys playing together! So happy together!

Kristin said...

Love how Jackson is wearing those boots!! The boys are too cute!! Glad they play so well together!!

Emilie Mason said...

Those water pics should be put in b&w and framed! So cute!