Monday, June 14, 2010


I have read that children with imaginary friends are more creative and bright.  I could go into great details with you all, but the bottom line is an imaginary friend is actually a good sign. 

With that being said however, I never had an imaginary friend, but Aaron did.  In fact, he had two of them.  They were twins.  Con and John.  We have always kind of joked about Con and John, but once I did more research on imaginary friends, it was just kind of a slap in the face for me.  I am sure I had tons of them….I just never told anyone about them…..right!?!?! 

I didn’t realize it, but I have never formally introduced you all to two members of our family.  They have been around for awhile now and a lot of you have already “met” them. 

Hessa and Hasey. 

Hessa is pronounced /Hes/ (like Wes) /a/…..I actually don’t know if there is one S or two in her name. 
Hasey is pronounced like Casey, but with a H. 

Hassa and Hasey are Jackson’s imaginary friends.  They are sisters.  Yes, not only does he have one imaginary friend, he has two of them… his Daddy did…..I mean, like his “bright and creative” Daddy did.

I think most of our family already knows about Hessa and Hasey, so it just became one of those things I never had to explain and assumed everyone knew them by now.  Last week however, the boys stayed at my friend Kristin’s house while I ran to a few stores by her house.  When I came back Jackson brought up Hessa and Hasey and Kristin was so confused!  She said “What did he say?  He kept saying those names to me earlier and I had no idea who he was talking about!”  I said “Hessa and Hasey!” as if she should already know who they are.  I was shocked that she hadn’t heard about them before!!  So – for those of you that have never meet Hessa and Hasey, consider this your formal introduction! 

As of yesterday, Jackson has another “friend.”  This friend is actually a bird though and not just any bird….it is a Robin.  This pet robin has a cage, which is actually a candle holder.  The pet robin had to go outside with us last night to play.  Jackson let the robin out of his (or her?? I’m not real sure of the gender yet…) cage to go potty and he let the robin sit on his shoulder for awhile before putting him back into his cage.  Aaron and Jackson ran to Wal-Mart last night.  Jackson wanted to bring his robin to Wal-Mart, but luckily after we warned him that his robin may accidently fly away at Wal-Mart, he was okay with Mommy and Garrett watching him at home. 
Jackson Bird1Although Hessa and Hasey have been around for awhile now, I do believe that pretend play must be a huge stage for 3 year olds.  It seems like that is what he has the most fun doing these days.  Not only with the imaginary friends and the pet robin, but things such as pretending the soccer goal is a raft, the grass is water, and the back porch is the boat dock…..or his big chair turned sideways is an ice cream store.  The list of pretend play goes on and on with him, so as his parents we know we better just play along to encourage his creativeness!


Sis said...

So should we buy him pretend presents for his birthday this year? I mean really, it doesn't sound like real toys are cool anymore!

Marla said...

How neat that Aaron did the same thing at his age! I always wanted to have an imaginary friend.....and I remember making one up once (for about an hour)...because I thought it would be neat like I had seen some kids have one on TV....but then I never got into it.

Parker is really getting into pretend play these days, too. We should get them together soon and see what they come up with!

Kristin said...

Marla... not see "what" they can come up with.. it's "who" HAHA!!!

I think it is all normal and really is cool that Jackon (all kids) have such a great imagination!!

Kristy said...

Well mine was a girl named Lucy. One time I started screaming for my mom to pull over on the road and I was crying- so she did- only for me to tell her that we left Lucy at our last stop! Ha Ha! Jackson will be highly creative I am sure :)

Its Me Again Margaret said...

It is amazing what they come up with. Tyler had a "friend" named Alex and everytime we would go thru a drive thru I had to order him a drink as well. It was hilarious. He is now on the super heros, which is even more fun to watch him play! It only gets better as they get older!