Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Harleigh's Softball Game.

Harleigh's softball team made it to the championship, so I figured it would be the perfect chance for us to attend one of her games.  I wanted to see her play and I knew the boys would absolutely love it!   

Starting off with a Slurpee and popcorn -
Harleigh getting ready - 
Up to bat.....
Yelling, "Go Harleigh!!!"
Jackson cooling me down!
They discovered Harleigh in the dugout! 
Look at Garrett looking at the camera out of the corner of his eye - 
They got to go out on the field after the game....
These next pictures sum up why Jackson and Garrett are too young to be in little league sports 
{chasing birds}
The bird gave up - 
TRYING to capture a picture of the three of them -
{Take 1} 
{Take 2}
{Take 3}
Ha!  Look at Jackson!
{Take 4}
{Take 5}
Harleigh and Ricky
The boys found the practice gear and had a little fun....
Then Harleigh noticed her little cousins playing with her "cool big girl team" stuff and had them clean it up for the team.  And because Harleigh said so.....they listened.  Sometimes I wish I had the same power as Harleigh does....
I think at this point, Jackson realized that he is bigger than Garrett, like Harleigh is bigger than him, so they both stood back and let this little guy clean it up....  :)  Garrett didn't mind though!  He loved every second of it!


Sis said...

Cute pics! I know Ricky was glad yall were there. I can just hear Harleig now in the dugout telling her friends "oh, those are just these little kids..."

Ashley said...

Was blog hopping and wanted to say h. What a great blog and post! Your family is beautiful!!!

I also wanted to say I'm glad you had fun at your reunion. Mine is coming this fall and I am still debating of it..I mean $50 per person..that's 100 bucks just for my husband and I to go (and I'm pretty sure drinks are NOT included LOL)

I hope you don't mind another follower!

Jessica said...

LOVE the pics of the boys on the field! Captured perfectly!

Kelly said...

Your blog is too cute!! I am a new follower....feel free to visit mine @
Thanks and have a great day