Thursday, June 3, 2010


Jackson now thinks he is such a BIG KID.  
He thinks he is "soooo much older" than his LITTLE brother.  
Because he has his very OWN Scentsy warmer in his room and ONLY "big people" get those....
The day his warmer came in was actually my birthday.  I put it on his dresser, but I didn't turn it on or put a scent in it yet because we were about to walk out the door.  When we got home that night, it was time for bed, so his Scentsy warmer continued to stay off.  Fast forward to 7:15 the next morning......Jackson walks into our room and wakes me up by saying "MOMMY.  I have my Scentsy warmer all ready to go.  It's plugged in, [which I did the day before] I have my scents in it, and I just need you to turn in on for me!  It's all ready to go Mommy!  Wake Up!!" 

Remind you, I didn't put a scent in it, so I freaked out for a second wondering where he got a scent from.  I was worried they were scents someone else had ordered.  

I jumped up and said "JACKSON!  Where did you get a scent from?"

"From all of your scents Mommy! Come here and look!"  

When I walked in and saw, luckily he did just take it from my own scents and he didn't pop a whole cube out.  He only scraped off a little from the top with his finger nail, but he was so darn proud of that tiny bit he was able scrape off and put in his warmer.  

If you come to our house, Jackson will be sure to show you his Scentsy warmer.  Randomly throughout the day, Jackson will say "Hey I know what we can do!  Let's go play in my room and smell my Scentsy warmer!"  

It has actually been working well as a reward system for him.  :)

This is the best picture I got when I told him to make a happy face!
For those that are new to Scentsy, this is how it works:
You order bars with your warmer.  On the bar, there are cubes, and you just pop out 1 to 3 cubes depending on the size of your warmer and how strong you want your scent, and place the cubes in your warmer....
{This picture is from Scentsy and I believe they put the whole bar in the warmer for picture purposes}

And then here it is after it melts:
{This is Jackson's}
I love these because there is no sot!  Have you ever wondered where all the wax goes when you burn a candle? It doesn't just disappear.  It goes on your walls and ceiling....and your children are breathing that!!!!!

For everyone that has already been buying Scentsy, here are some of the fun things you may have heard me mention.

Scentsy Mix & Match

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Bam Bam said...


I love all the Scentsy scents too. My favorite right now is the Cucumber Lime. The Blueberry is yummy too!