Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alphabet Books.

I decided to have the boys make their own alphabet book.  (Inspired by No Time for Flashcards)
A few days of the week, I pick the next letter of the alphabet to have them make.  When it comes to writing letters, I know there is a certain order kids should learn letters based off the form/shape of letter, etc.  However, my theory for identifying each letter is that since both boys know how to sing the ABC song, I thought if we started from the beginning with A, then they could sing their way through their book to help them identify the letter.  After going through the book enough times, they would eventually recognize and memorize each letter.

A is for Alligator 
(Jackson was finished by the time I remembered to get out my camera)

B is for Bee
While we were waiting for the {large amounts} of glue to dry, the boys searched for slugs to pour salt on....  
{I sometimes think I should have a "Mother of Boys" stamped on my forehead}

(excuse the left over peanut butter and jelly on his mouth) 
Jackson found something.
I love this picture.....notice Rigley in the background, too.
Focused and searching....
Jackson is in the stage where he will say or do anything for a laugh.  I guess licking his brother made us laugh.  

C is for Caterpillar


Caroline said...

Bed issues:

One of the reasons we got a queen bed insted of a twin or full was because we wanted a great quality bed, but didn't want to pay 1000. For some reason the well-made childrens bed are way over priced and the ones we could afford were "real" wood.
We got Preston's bed for 400 and everything is real about it.

Taylynn's beds are real (bunkbed) and believe it or not I bought it off ebay. It was a furniture company, but for both beds it was about 400.

I did find it is harder to find a boy for a bed.

I dreamed all last night about boys bedding....what is wrong with me, ha!

HEATHER said...


Torrie Deville said...

Kelly, you are so creative. I just love to read all the stuff you do with your boys.

Marla said...

Those are great! I keep saying I am going to do the 'letter of the week' stuff, but just haven't gotten around to it! Maybe in the next few months. :)

Jessica said...

Great idea! Can't wait to do fun stuff like this with CeCe when she gets a little older.