Tuesday, March 23, 2010

House Update.

I drove by our house today and was happy to see they were working on the brick and stone.  I am pretty sure they completed the sheetrock today as well, but I didn't go inside because the boys were both asleep in the car.  Here are some pictures taken from my car!

Side view:
Same side, closer view....
Front (office) This whole wall will be stone:
I took a picture of the garage so you could see the sheetrock.  It is really starting to look like a house!
Other side of the house....notice we will have a next door neighbor soon!  


Sis said...

I thought you were going to leave the green walls up. :-) I really like the brick and stone colors. It won't be long now!!

Marla said...

Everything looks so great! I love the brick color and the stone!

Anonymous said...

I went by our house today too!!! It was so exciting. I can see they did your sheetrock in your pics. I could not even tell on my house. I love your colors.


Kristin said...

SWEET!!! I love it!! I love the stone!!