Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garrett's Stats: 2 Years Old

Since his last check up @ 18 months, Garrett grew 2 and a half inches and gained 2.4 pounds. Looking at his percentile, he is a tall skinny thing!

Comparing Jackson at age 2 to Garrett at age 2:
  • Jackson was 6 ounces bigger
  • Garrett is 1/2 inch taller
Looking back at previous blogs, their weight is becoming closer, but Garrett continues to be 1/2 inch taller. I always like to compare their stats because they both weighed 7 pounds at birth and Jackson was 1/4 inch taller than Garrett.

Everything went good at Garrett's checkup. She was concerned about his vision screening for his left eye. He didn't fail it, but there was just one number that concerned her. She said the test only shows that there may be a problem, not that there is a problem. She wants me to bring him back in September when Jackson has his 4 year check up and they will screen Garrett again. If it is the same result, he will then see an eye doctor. I really don't feel like anything is wrong. I have never noticed him struggling to see or a wondering eye.

He was great at his doctor appointment. He was so calm and serious and for the first time in history, he didn't cry when he got his shot!!! That's a first! He used to cry when they rubbed the alcohol on his leg.


Marla said...

I guess this is totally off the subject...and I know that you had already told about the eye thing and how you are going to take him back when you take Jackson back...but when I read "at Jackson's 4 year check-up" it was SO weird to see the number 4!! How fast it goes!

Caroline said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Looking at the last picture, does he ever fall out of bed? We have the side off our crib, but I put this awful, way too big, guard rail up that I hate. I just wasn't sure if he'd fall out.
We had a different bed for my daughter, so I am just not sure what to do, any advice?

Bam Bam said...

Look at that little sugar pie sleeping with his basketball! Totally conked out!