Friday, March 5, 2010

House Update.

Everyone told me that once they actually break ground on our house, it would go by fast.

I think this a pretty good example of that.

We drove by around 10:00 Thursday morning and we were happy to see that they poured the foundation the day before!

As we were leaving, the framers were pulling up.

When we drove back by at 3:00, this is what we saw!
The bones are up!
I used to say that when I was a little girl.

Did you all see the lovely AVAILABLE sign out front?! It makes me so mad! I know the builder does that as a marketing thing to get interested buyers to call, but it drives me nuts! I had Aaron call the sales girl about it - Aaron thought it wasn't a big deal, but I feel like if other people have sold signs, then we should too! I will give her a few days to correct it and then I am going to call her back! She said it is a sold magnet that goes over the word available and it must have fallen off........but this happened at our old house......I know how those builders think!!

Happy Friday! Hopefully this yucky weather that is coming this weekend won't blow our house away! ;)


Sis said...

I had the same issue with a sold sign at our house while it was being built! Stay on top of her and check it each time you're out there. The workers kept "knocking" our sold sign down.

Robyn said...

So freaking excited for you! Hope you got my email from this morning! I will let you know if I see anything different and will take some pics for you. And yes, you need to call her ASAP by Monday if it is not changed. I don't think that is right.! It is going to be here before you know it. Love the pics.

Kristin said...

YEA!!!!!! Can't wait till it is finished!