Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Savannah Update.

6 days or less.....  

Savannah is still breech and my sister is scheduled for a c-section next Thursday, April 8th.  My sister had a sonogram last Friday and according to the sonogram, Savannah measured at March 31st for one doctor and April 1st for another.  I really thought my sister would have gone into labor this week....but she hasn't.  The detailed sonograms were almost right on the dot with both boys.  I REALLY wanted her to go into labor today, Good Friday, because Garrett was born on Good Friday too!  I think that would be neat if they both were.  But.....the odds are not looking good for that.  

Every night when I go to bed, I think "Tonight is the night!  Sis is going to call and say she is in labor!"  I even have the boys bag packed just incase we need to leave in a hurry!  

The other night I got in bed around 11:30ish.  As I was laying in bed I heard a high pitch noise.  It sounded like a ringtone, so I thought it must be my parents phone ringing, which would mean it was my sister calling to say she was in labor.  My heart started pounding, I jumped out of bed, ran in the living room, and then stopped to listen for my parents before I opened their door.  As I was standing in the living room, I heard the same noise - but I realized it was coming from the boys' room.  I went into their room and heard their darn little vacuum say "Squeaky Clean!  Catch ya later!" 

So, we wait.....and wait.....carry our phones around.....and wait.  

I am so excited my sister is going to be a mom!  I have loved seeing her change into a mom already these past 9 months.  The past few years it seems like we have been on different paths and I am just so excited to experience motherhood and parenting with her now.

Sis met the boys and I at our house the other day (which by the way, has made so much progress!!!!) The next time she is at our house, she will have baby Savannah in her arms!  

Here she is at 38 weeks.....
(Ignore the WHITE walls and WHITE baseboards.  They had not painted yet.)
Here they are in Garrett's room -
(How did my little babies turn into BIG KIDS who both look at the camera!??!)
Talking to Savannah....
Garrett gave her an extra long hug!  He wasn't ready to let go!  
I will keep you all posted of any changes.  :)  


Caroline said...

How fun, my sister is pregnant too and I know I'll be as excited as you. Can't wait to here the news!

Kristin said...

Melissa you look so cute!! So sweet the boys love their cousin so much already!!

Marla said...

How exciting! And Melissa, you look great!

Aunt Kelly said...

Too cute! Cannot wait either!!!!!
I am so glad that you too are so close and she will have you to fall back on for advice! Please let me know as soon as it happens!