Saturday, July 26, 2008

We started our morning by taking the boys to have their pictures taken at Cupcake's Quick N' Painless Beach Day. I can't wait to see the picture!! It is tricky getting a good picture of BOTH boys in the SAME picture (not to mention the fact that Garrett can't sit yet and Jackson can be a stubborn toddler every now and then:) But, I think she was able to get a good one! ;)
If anyone uses Cupcake Photography, be sure to check out her kitchen and bathroom. I was so tickled to see Jackson's picture in both of these places. The picture in her bathroom may mysteriously disappear one day...(HAHA, just kidding Karen)! It is huge!!! I want it for my own bathroom!!!!

After pictures we headed to the "place of germs"....Chuck E' Cheese. Randy and Dianne had Carissa's girls for the weekend, so we met them so the kids could play together.

Jackson LOVED this little carousel. Loved, Loved, Loved it....until.....
until.... the real Chuck E' Cheese appeared. This picture was taken right before the cry of fear happened. OH...MY....GOSH!!! Jackson saw Chuck E' Cheese from far away and was okay, but something about going around the carousel and then Chuck E' Cheese being so unexpectedly close (Look at Chuck E' Cheese's face in the mirror, he is a little freaky looking) Jackson's cry was horrible. Jackson immediately grabbed the pole to his horse as tight as he could. Aaron ran over to him as fast as he could. It was one of those moments when we were comforting him, but cracking up inside. I WISH I had that moment recorded. Chuck E' Cheese handled it well. He put his head down real fast and ran away from Jackson.
Garrett thought it was funny! (not really, he was smiling at Nana)
"Hey....that scary guy is looking at me again."

Garrett and G-Mom
Jackson and Nana....he is sharing his napkin with her.
Aaron didn't know I could see him, but look how focused he is on this game. I know he is trying his very best to beat the little kid next to him (who we don't know by the way). Aaron is NOT a good all! If I had to guess, I would say the little kid probably won the game though.
So, now when you ask Jackson....
"Do you love Mommy?" "Uh-huh!"
"Do you love Daddy?" "Uh-huh!"
"Do you love your brother?" "Uh-huh!"
"Do you love Chuck E' Cheese?" "Unt-Ugh"
On a different note, I didn't have to turn on Garrett's mobile for him tonight, instead he got to hear other music such as "Cheeseburger in Paradise," "If our house is a rockin, don't come a knocking," etc. Our freaken neighbors across the street have their radio playing just as loud as can be. They are driving me nuts. Our houses are on acres, so they are close...but not THAT close.
Rumor has it that last Saturday she ran down the street naked. Isn't that just lovely? Rumor also has it that they are letting their house go to foreclosure. That makes me mad, but at this point...can it get any worse? (Yeah, I am sure it still can...)
So, yes, I was just now "that neighbor," the one who calls the cops to complain. I am sorry, but if I can hear your music and your voice from my son's monitor....things are probably a little too loud. Why can't they just move their party to the inside of their house? Shouldn't they enjoy their last few days in their house before it is foreclosed on? A few weeks ago this was still going on at 5 A.M.
ugggghhh, some people! Why can't everyone just be normal like me!


Anonymous said...

Oh my .. the good old days! I took Emily to our old neighborhood the other day to see the tree that we planted when she was born... and totally got a flash back from the girls down OUR street (two houses away) that would make out with OTHER GIRLS on top of the cars in FRONT OF OUR CHILDREN... and their alarm would go off all night long and nobody would be home to shut it off... oooh yeah... poor you!!
but soon, the party will be over huh!!!

Thanks for the shout out... ;o)) Im excited to dig in the card to see what we got yesterday!

And for the record.. Im with Jackson on the ChuckECHEESE dude.He scares me to DEATH (as do all those freaky dudes at disney!!)
(although.. you wouldnt beleive what BOBS first job was as a teenager..... Yep. CHUCKIECHEESE!! BAH!!!!!!!) hahahahaha!

Kristy said...

That settles it- I am going to buy their house so you can have a normal neighbor. Oh yeah- I am married to David- he's not normal!!