Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jackson really likes Garrett's mobile, so we let him get in Garrett's crib the other morning and the both of them watched the mobile go round and round. Free entertainment....

Story Time - It's funny how Jackson will try to imitate how I read to him.
Poor Rigley - Jackson is trying to catch him so that he can put shorts on him. Rigley never gets a break, but he is so good with both boys. He will let Jackson do whatever he wants to him. Yesterday Garrett grabbed a big chunk of Rigley's hair, and Rigley just laid there. I think he doesn't even notice it anymore.

Does anyone happen to know what the ingredients are in Chili's cinnamon apples? We think Jackson is allergic to something in them. He had some when he was a little over 12 months and after he ate them we noticed his skin turned red around his month. I thought maybe he was allergic to something in them or maybe his "baby" skin was just sensitive to the sauce. The other night we had Chili's and I fed him just a little bit using a fork to avoid getting it all over his face. I guess just from licking his lips afterwards, it was red again. So...I think he is allergic to something in them. He eats apples all the it is not apples. He has had cinnamon toast a few I wouldn't think it is the cinnamon. What else could it be? Does anyone have any ideas?