Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ice Cream and Pee Pee

Tonight was a family fun night. We didn't plan for it to be any different than any other night, but it was just a fun night. (For once, Aaron was home and not working!!!!)

This afternoon, my Dad brought by the plastic pool the boys had swam in the other day at their house. Around 4ish, I put Garrett down for a nap in his crib, Aaron and I took the portable monitor in the backyard, and let Jackson swim in his pool. Aaron and I rocked in our rocking chairs (I felt like a little old married couple) enjoyed nature (did I just say that!?!) and watched Jackson swim. Then Aaron started grilling and I played with Jackson in the pool. Jackson is such a funny kid....the things he does just crack me up. He has such a little sense of humor.

About the time Aaron was done grilling, Garrett woke up from his we all went in and ate dinner. After dinner we decided we would take a little "road trip" to Coldstone. We have been trying to eat somewhat healthy, but it was just one of those nights I felt like it was appropriate to "break the rules." In the car, we asked Jackson what kind of ice cream he wanted and he said "B-nanananana i eam" (also known as: Banana Ice Cream) However, being the "budget lady" that I have been lately, Jackson shared with us. I seriously doubt he would actually eat banana ice cream. Garrett just stared at Jackson as he took every bite. He has really been watching every bite we take lately. I think he would be very thrilled if I let him start cereal, but I just don't want to take on an extra task yet when I don't have to. Our pediatrician says between 4-6 months, with 6 months being the best right now I am perfectly happy with just feeding him a bottle. I know they say once they eat solids they sleep better, but that's a bunch of crap!! Jackson showed me that was a myth.

So after we ate our fill of calories, yummy, ice cream...we came home and all played on the floor. At this point, it was about 45 minutes past Jackson's bed time, but I didn't care....we were having fun! Even Rigley was getting some positive, non-abusive attention. (non-abusive = Jackson was being gentle with Rigley)

Since Aaron was home, I decided I wanted to try to give the boys a bath at the same time. So, I put Garrett's infant tub inside the bath tub and filled the bath tub with water as well. Yes, this only gave Jackson about 1/4 of the bath tub since Garrett's tub took up about 3/4 of the tub, but Jackson didn't mind one bit. He thought it was the silliest thing that Garrett was in the tub with him. Everything was going fabulously, but in my mind I had a feeling someone was about to pee on someone. If Jackson stood up he may pee inside of Garrett's tub, and if Garrett was to pee it would shoot right at Jackson's head. So who's sprinkler came on first..............GARRETT'S....and for those of you who have never had the pleasure of having a boy.....infants have a REALLY FAR a rocket. Where was Jackson? Looking right towards Garrett's feet. It would have hit Jackson right in the face, but luckily my quick mommy hands shielded the pee and blocked it from hitting Jackson. Yes, I am saying my hand got peed on, but that is much better than Jackson's face.

I loved them taking a bath together. It was a lot faster, but there is no way I could do that all by myself yet. It did make me realize that once Garrett is a little older and out of his infant tub, bath & bed time will be a lot faster! Even though we can't give them a bath together every night yet, I do want to do that every now and then to help Jackson with "change" in our bed time routine.

Speaking of "pee," I ordered Jackson a potty chair today. He is about to be 22 months. He is still a little young for potty training, but he is showing signs. A friend of mine said to go ahead and put a potty chair in the bathroom for him. If he wants to use it, great....but if not, that is fine too. Just don't make it a big deal yet. That way when I start actual potty training, the potty chair will not be so scary for him. My goal is to have him potty trained by the age of 2 and a half, which would be March. (around Garrett's 1st birthday)....but I know they say girls are normally around 2 1/2 and boys are closer to 3 1/2. Gosh, that seems forever! I know never say never, but THREE AND A HALF???????? That's TWO more years!?!?!!?! No way....
To all you mothers, when were your kids trained? Dianne, don't even tell me what age you think Aaron was potty trained at....he is still peeing on the seat and forgetting to put the toilet seat down! haha, jk!

For the record - Jackson did this to himself. Promise! This kind of shows you his sense of humor. Looking at these make me laugh so hard!


Anonymous said...

That is 2 cool dude's you have. LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! love the pics!
And the pee story!!!

Sean was 3... but we started at (gasp!) 12 months!! My sisters were all old school and had their kids going on the potty by the time they were 20 months old, so the pressure was on. But sean would have none of it! At 3 he got the chicken pox and we had a solid week home with him and that did the trick! (plus he was naked all day because it was more comfey that way) And emily... well. She didnt do well at all, but that was cause the bipolar thing. So we wont go there!

Good luck! I think its a good idea you are doing the chair now. :o)