Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mommy won't be my hero forever....

Every week I get an e-mail from that tells me what Jackson and Garrett should be doing and things to look for. Here is part of what Jackson's said this week:

New this month: More self-assurance

You may notice that your toddler is a little more comfortable being away from you than he used to be. He may be willing to sit with a familiar adult, such as a grandparent, and listen to a story or try to tell one about himself. And his alternating demands for attention and autonomy may be less dramatic. In part, that's because his improving language skills give him a sense of control that he's lacked until now. He's more willing to attempt to master certain tasks on his own and might not need you to help her figure out how everything works, including his toys.

Maybe it just made me sad because I had the David Cook song "Time of My Life" playing in the background as I was reading it.....but this little boy of mine is growing up to darn fast. It seems like just yesterday he was the size Garrett is now....learning how to roll over. Now, he understands everything we say, he repeats everything we say (Red Flag for Aaron)...he wants to be rough and tough like a big boy.

The other day I sat on the floor to join him while he was playing with his blocks, and he just looked at me like "I am fine, Mommy." He enjoyed me playing with him, but it hit me that one day it won't be cool to play with Mommy....and then I got this weekly e-mail from and it just put it in writing that he will not always need me. What the heck!?

The other day, Aaron was playing with the boys while I was getting ready. Jackson said something (Now I can't remember what it was...) But, Aaron was excited about it and came to tell me and I said "Oh, I know, he has been saying that all day." After saying that I felt so bad. Aaron didn't think anything of it, but I felt awful! Aaron does miss things because he is always at work. I should have acted like I had never heard Jackson say that before. I remember going to work and getting upset because I knew I was missing so much. I am so thankful I am able to be home with the boys. Garrett is no longer this little bitty baby. He is growing like a weed. In a few more months, he won't even want me to hold him so he can take a little cat nap. I know how it works. Once he learns to crawl, all that snuggling baby stuff is out the window. He will want to get down and explore. It all goes by so fast.....


Anonymous said...

That's all so true! I was just thinking this morning how I need to make a concerted effort to try and remember and enjoy each day to the fullest because I know her days as a baby are numbered. And I agree, being home with her this summer has made me realize just how much I do miss when I am away...and I hate that.