Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pictures and a Video

Garrett is starting to like the Jump-A-Roo more and more....Thank God...the Jump-A-Roo has the potential to allow me to do two handed chores!
Today as I was folding my clothes, Jackson pulled this shirt out of the basket which is one of his absolute favorites! (Yes, my Lawrence friends, that is a Lawrence shirt.) This shirts totally overstimulates him because there are so many types of balls on it. Every time I have it on he wants to point to every single I thought I would let him wear it for a little bit.
I must say, Jackson likes his sunglasses. These pictures were taken during his afternoon snack after his nap. They crack me up. He loves them.
This video is of Garrett grabbing Jackson's blanket. Jackson is pretty clingy to his blanket when he wakes up. He did not want his "Bubba" to take his blanket or mess with his cheerios. Of course, Garrett didn't have a clue what he was doing. He is still discovering that his hands are attached to him and go everywhere with him....he thinks they are cool toys!