Wednesday, June 4, 2008

House full of Germs and 2 Pointless Drives

Jackson is getting better, but it is taking forever for all the crud to go away. His nose is constantly running and he is still congested. Now, I have no voice. I never lose my voice, but of course I lost it this time. It is hard to have a toddler and not have a voice. I am exhausted from just trying to talk to him. I think Garrett must have what I have. He doesn't have a temperature, but his cry sounds horse. Luckily, Aaron has been working a lot and isn't around us enough to catch it. Who gets sick in June!?!?

This week I had to make 2 pointless drives to "a school district I worked in this year" names. (I am still out on "maternity leave"....for about five years though...) My Principal e-mailed me last week and said I need to make an appointment to go to the administration building to have a meeting about "business details" since I am leaving the district and I needed to call the school to make an appointment to have a meeting with her. (yeah, we have to have appointments to meet with our Principal)
I made an appointment at the administration building for Monday at 2:00, then tried to make my appointment at the school for around the same time so I could get it all done in one day.....considering cost of gas and having my mom come over to watch the boys. But no, one appointment was Monday at 2:00 and then one was Tuesday at 1:30.
So these must be important meetings right?? No! I had to drive all the way to the administration office to sign a paper that said "We do not need to discuss insurance because I don't use the schools insurance" and I need to take an ONLINE exit interview AT HOME. I was seriously there for about two minutes.
Well okay, maybe my Tuesday meeting at the school was going to be the important one. Nope, it was just to turn in my keys and badge. (Yep, gotta turn in your badge. Don't want anyone acting like a teacher and getting a discount at the movie theatre or walking into a school and pretending to be a teacher when your really not????) Could I not have dropped this stuff off on Monday when I was in town? Nope, got to have an appointment to do that! I can't help but laugh. Oh Aimee Lewis, how I miss you!
Oh and I thought maybe I would hear a "YIPEE ON YOUR TAKS SCORES!!! You are one of the teachers with the most 4s in the whole district!" ummmm, no....
The conversation went like this -
(no expression) "Have you seen yours TAKS scores?"
(Big smile on my face) "YES!" :)
(no expression) "They were good."
The end.
Seriously?! Maybe I am just use to seeing Aimee run down the hall congratulating her teachers!


Anonymous said...

I like how you expected more!! That's so cute! :)