Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why didn't anyone tell me about Ketchup?

Jackson has discovered ketchup (also known as ee-up) and he is now eating meat! He has never been a big meat eater which worried Aaron and I. However, I discovered that putting ketchup on meat makes it yummy!!! For lunch, he ate all of his grilled chicken that had ketchup on top....yesterday he ate tuna with ketchup (I think I just threw up a little!). Now that he knows meat is not so bad, he is eating turkey and cheese roll ups. Thanks to ketchup, Jackson is now a carnivore!

These past few weeks, he has started to figure out rewards. You do get this. He is becoming so much help around the house. However, tonight we kind of felt as if we were treating him like a dog. We bought grapes at the store today which made him really excited! For every "chore" he did tonight, he got a grape. I am considering sneaking grapes into his Tiny Tots class on Monday so he will be on his best behavior. I will have to be sure to wear shorts with pockets!

Garrett is still doing well. He is becoming a wonderful sleeper. He is starting to fall asleep on his own more and more which is a great habit for when he wakes up in the middle of the night. He is laughing and smiling so much!

He is really becoming a "Momma's Boy," which is good and bad. Since I am staying at home, he is so comfortable with me. At this age with Jackson, I was already back at work. He had to get use to other people. Garrett doesn't have to do that. When possible, I try to let others soothe him when he is crying just so he doesn't always have me....but he is still becoming very attached. He is such a little sweetie. He does cry, but normally only when he is hungry, tired, wet, or wants his momma.


Anonymous said...

Great! PawPaw can take Jackson with him on Thursday nights for steak night at the club.
YES Garrett is a Momma's boy. He is growing FAST.