Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Things...

#1. I no longer buy Jackson's clothes from the baby section?!?! I just started buying him 2T and that is in the KID section.... How did this happen!?!?

#2. For the past few days, Jackson and I have had this little battle about playing with Rigley's food and water. Lately, Jackson has been acting like a dog a lot to make us laugh. He crawls around with his tongue out of his mouth, panting like a dog, barking at the back window, messing with Rigley's food and water, etc.

This morning I put Rigley's food and water up on the kitchen counter so Jackson could not mess with it. Of course, that made Jackson mad. So, after lunch Jackson decided to show me who was boss. On his way to putting his plate in the sink(which had left over food), he decided he would stop and put his plate on the floor where Rigley's food dish normally goes. He sat it on the floor and looked at me like "Ha, ha Mom...I won! Look what I did!" He is a mess.