Friday, June 6, 2008

Germs at the Jordan's

So.....I now have an ear infection as well. Good times, Good just keeps getting better!! Aaron went to work for the Railroad last night at midnight and went straight to an irrigation job today. He has now been working for 22 hours...still going. Luckily he has tonight off from the railroad, so we will actually get to see him tomorrow. Poor Jackson, he misses his "Dad-tey."

Thanks to my mom! She came over today so I could go to the doctor. She even brought me soup and 7 Up! She stayed here to help me out until I put Jackson to bed. Even though I am a Mommy now, it is still nice to have my Mommy when I am sick. She was a big help and even tucked me in with a blanket before leaving. :)
"Yee-Ha" With Grammy
I don't really want to type this because I am scared it will make it stop happening...but Garrett is sleeping later and later every night. Last night was (drum roll please!) 5:45!!!!! That is big...huge!!!!!!! At 5:45, the news from TODAY is on. It is not the "Previously Recorded" news that I had been watching in the middle of the night. I had in my head that he would/should be sleeping through the night by 12 weeks. He is 11 weeks today, so we are doing good!

Look at Jackson holding his hand! I know, that's how the germs spread. But, how could I tell him not to do that!?

"Ummm, who would you like me to make this check out to?" I swear, he watches everything that I do.


Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have your mom when YOU are sick!!! That's why she never called me back yesterday. UGH! I swear I need to have kids.