Monday, June 23, 2008

No more Tiny Tots for us...

How was Tiny Tots....(from Jackson)

1. Why do I need to jump on the trampoline with my hands on my belly? Can't I just jump a little, fall down, jump some more, fall down, run in a little circle, fall down...that is more fun to me!

2. You want me to run through this long dark tunnel under the bleachers, but all the kids in there are running and screaming. Why would I want to go in there?

3. Good Job Teacher. You can put your arms out to your side like the wings of an airplane...can you please run while you do that? March in place? Can we march around? I have a better idea....turn up that music just a little bit and watch me free style!! From the looks of things, I have some moves you have probably never seen!

4. Swing on a rope and fall into a pit. I am 20 months? Do you really think I can hold on to a rope.

5. "BASEBALL! BASEBALL! BASEBALL!" I see kids playing with balls! I want to play with them...nope that's another class. My mommy is so mean for not letting me play with them!

6. Ruuuuuunnnn down this long trampoline! Hey, I am good at this!!! Oh yeah, cause I can do this in my front yard.

7. Time to play in the much fun! There is my friend Walker! I met him before the class started and haven't seen him since. We can play now!! Man! Times up!

So...Tiny Tots was not good. I really hoped it would be, but it's a good thing today was the free trial class. I wanted him to take this so he could have interaction with other kids. He didn't get that at all. It is way too structured for him (and for the age group of the class). So, no more Tiny Tots for us! I told Jackson I would just buy him the little basketball hoop (which he calls baseball) that the kids in the other class were playing with instead of enrolling him in the class. I think a play group of some type would be better for him at this age.


Tiffany said...

Bummer! That class sounded like it was going to be a hit! Andrew is only 10 months old, but I need to get him around other kids his age or close to his age. He normally stays with my mom when I work. I am substitute teacher, so I am off this summer and I think I might be turning him into a spoiled brat!!